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Full Version: Has The Weather Affected Anyone On Here
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As Title, here up North we have seen nothing really, but watching the news storms being bad down south, anyone being ravaged so to speak?

Torrential rain until the early hours then strong winds until dawn.
Debris on the roads and some deep standing water on roads.
I was out in it all night and got soaked countless times.
Not as bad as we were warned to expect but it was still pretty miserable.

As I said up here a mild 11 degrees and a couple of showers so far.


This whole weather thing has annoyed me the media has inflicted fears into the mind of people to the point they are scared to leave home, it angers me. Some of this kind of weather is a joke compared to other countries why are we so useless with a little bad weather?


I went to work as usually it was extremely windy few branches on the road nothing crazy. As for the man who's died i feel deeply sorry for him and RIP the poor guy but we shouldn't be discouraged from going about our business, any of us could have been at home sitting on the sofa watching tv when a branch comes through the window potentially killing.


Too many of us are just willing to give up too soon it really sucks. if there was a big enough branch in the road blocking me from completing my journey i'd personally whip out my tow strap and pull it to the side with my focus rather than turn around and say "oh no there is nothing we can do might aswell go home and watch the news" 


I am aware though that some places were worse than other and in some cases it's wise to stay in for couple of hours than go out so i'm not having a go at anyone who deemed it a wise choice to not leave home and look after the family.





i was horrified to come out this morning and find a recycle bin up against my focus rims, the horror was almost too much the fear of scratched rims but in the end nothing was damaged. Scary i know :D


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/Rant over


strange day...been travelling all over harrow/watford area today, drive down roads with no sign of storm, then couple of streets away looking like a war zone...

though got stuck in traffic in the morning, turned out it was some poor fellah got crushed by tree in his car...mother nature can be one tough *****


when you see the damage, got to be thankfull it only lasted a few hours at most, unlike the hurricane in late 80's that the weather bods missed....i was out fishing that night with a mate, talk about scary, we decided to batten down the hatches rather than run for home, turned out to be a good decision when we did eventually head off, whole of nw london/herts was anihalated, we'd have been lucky to get home unscathed.


I had to work from home as there were no trains into London. A couple of my fence panels were waving all over the place but I had tied and staked them in place which stopped them hitting the neighbours cars.


I got wet :(


I got wet :(

Yeah me too :lol:


Rain wind and blown all out of proportion. The unfortunate thing is the loss of 5 lives in the southern area, but for what it was, it could have been worse


Must of lost 10 rollies :angry:


Yeah me too :lol:

Me three

nothing happened here in the Birmingham  - a bit of heavy rain and that was it, you could tell Midlands Today (BBC regional news) were really pissed off nothing happened and still tried to make out it had been bad in places  Too be fair I know there was some damage in the south, but the media proper over exaggerated this in the name of a story as per usual. 


my syrup blew off


my syrup blew off


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