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Full Version: Smax 2011 Navigation Issue
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Ok ...first of all let me say that i love this site.


Second of all i apologize if there is a topic for this i tried to find it but with no results.


Ok, so the battery died on me 2 days ago. After I replaced it...the screen on the satnav says :

Anti theft protection

Vehicle Identification number (VIN)


Please enter device PIN




Offcourse i had that little card with pin on it, but removed it from my car when i got it....and have no idea where it is now....i know, dumb right?


Now , somewhere i read that i should contact Ford trough their web site , and they are obligated to send it to me?



Is that right , or am i in big trouble.




they may decide to give you the code f.o.c?but i doubt it.


afaik on this forum giving out codes is a no no.

unless someone kindly pm's you with info,you may have to pay for it from ebay?or find another forum to give you the code??


Ford charge up to £25 for the code .


PMing codes is also not allowed.


I can tell you firstly don't have a go at guessing the code or you could lock it completely.

Secondly it is a different kind of code and Generator , from the standard code generators so be carefull when rushing off to Ebay.

thank you for the tips....ill just wait till monday and see what the dealer has to say
I work for a ford dealer and we charge £25.00 to get the satnav codes

The dealer would need all the numbers of the side of the head unit to get the code, and if its made in Germany they will have to fax off the code

The supplying dealer should have the code on record so ring the dealer that first stamped your service book as they may let you have it for free

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