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"Soap star Gemma Bissix has escaped a driving ban for doing over 100mph - after claiming she did not realise her car could go that fast.

The former EastEnders and Hollyoaks star was clocked racing down the A1(M) at 108mph in a Ford Focus.


Bissix, 30, of Walton-on Thames, Surrey, who was recently killed off in Hollyoaks after a car crash, told police she had just hired the car and didn’t think it could go above 90mph.


She admitted the offence after hearing police evidence but was allowed to keep her licence by magistrates in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire."



Hmmm, I wonder if she noticed that big round thing in the dash called a SPEEDO. What a shame about the useless judge that finds it acceptable to pander to celebrities, completely letting down law-enforcement.  :rolleyes: 


Yeah.... No surprise, come up with a sob story and have a good name and jobs done.


Well, its positive publicity for the focus and its max speeds, but I am disappointed! "I didnt realise it could go that fast". Thats as bad as saying "well I just wanted to see what speed the car could do and that I am not allowed to go"...


What a great excuse!! Wonder if I would get away with the same??  :P


In all seriousness though that is ridiculous. I mean come on what is her IQ level?? Should people with that sort of IQ be allowed to drive?


Not if they really have to use that excuse!


"Sorry Officer, I didnt realise that my car could crash into yours.... Terribly sorry"




"Sorry Officer, its a rental. I didnt realise I had to pay for the fuel that goes into a rental, I thought it was all covered?"


or "Sorry Officer, I genuinely thought you wanted to race me!"  :lol:


Nice rack tho . My mates just got 9 month ban for doing 110mph the silly boy, she probably had a good lawyer. If you can afford a good Lawyer you can get off, represent yourself and you're going down!


So very true Higsy. As for James M "I'm sorry Officer, I thought you were trying to give me a speedy escort!"


At one point you would get an immediate ban and even a custodial sentence (jail) for (getting cought) driving over 100mph, depending who you are, of course!


I must say, I was lucky at best that the officer who flashed me before christmas last year was full of the festivities. Otherwise, I would have been almost guaranteed a ban. Yet if I was an actress (and dare I say it, the angle her top is open in that photo) perhaps showing a bit of her assetts, it probably would have been brushed off it seems.


I am disappointed that she did get away so lightly, I dont doubt that its the case that was put towards the court that got her off with the slap on the wrist she did, but it does make you wonder if celebrities do by default get a slightly easier ride than the rest of us (dare I say it: Alex Ferguson, 100MPH + down the hard shoulder "suffering from diarrhea")


do these celebs/footballers etc ever get bans - all I ever see is that they got off.   <_<


I saw one footballer who was speeding, over the limit and killed someone. They got banged up... Otherwise... erm....


Good question!

The differrnce is they can afford stupidly expensive 'Loop Hole Lawyers' whereas us poor 'plebs ;)' can't.

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All fines for motoring offences should be massively more than they currently are.  The current fine levels are obviously no deterrent to anybody.


£1000 + 6pts would be a good place to start, increasing the more you break the limit by.

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