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Full Version: Whistling Noise Mondeo 2.0 Tdci
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Hi Everyone,


I received a Mondeo 2.0 TDCI Estate 12 plate as a company car about a month ago. It's a great car and I'm really happy with it but there is a niggle that is eating away at me.


I've noticed that when I have my foot pressed slightly on the accelerator there is a whistling noise that comes from what sounds like under the bonnet. When I put my foot down on the accelerator it stops, say when changing through the gears or going above 50mph. It only seems to happen below 50mph but can happen in any gear and any revs up to 2000. The other important thing I've notice is that it only starts to do it when the engine is warm. It only starts to whistle after I've been driving for 5 or 10 mins.


I plan on taking it to my nearest Ford dealer as it should still be under warranty but I'm worried that they will fob me off saying that "it's meant to make that noise" or something like that. It's not really loud but loud enough to hear it even when the radio is on and enough to irritate me :angry: I'm no mechanic but I know that it should not make a whistling noise.


Really hope someone can help me with this one as it's spoling my enjoyment of what is otherwise a great car :(  :(  :(


Thanks for reading my post.

Mark Williams

I had this on my 2004 Mondeo a while ago and it just stopped. My guess was a stone in the wheel or something. 


Thanks Mark but I think this may be related the turbo I think.

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