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Full Version: Fusion - Knocking Through The Pedals, Vibration When Changing Down
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W CMax



I'm after some help/advice I'm afraid!  We're on our 2nd Fusion 1.4tdci manual but have encountered problems with the current one. When going over bumps (only quite large ones) you can feel them quite significantly through any one of the 3 pedals.  The bumps can't be felt through the seat or steering wheel.  The old fusion didn't do this and it is quite annoying/frustrating feeling this bump.  Main dealer and garage bought from have looked it over and given it a clean bill of health!  Car's done 36K on a 59 plate.


I don't know if it's connected at all but there also seems to be a judder when changing down from say 2nd to 4th (so that the revs are quite high in 2nd), no real problems changing up.


Any ideas gratefully received.  I have one theory but I won't lead any answers at this stage!


Thank you



W CMax

OK I'll throw in my idea that it may be the engine mounts, does this sound feasible/possible?  Apparently one (rear I think) of them is starting to show signs of wear but mechanic says it shouldn't be causing a problem.


If not any other suggestions anyone?  



Is the juddering felt through the clutch pedal or the whole car?
Whole car then I'd concurr with mounts (most likely gearbox).
Pedal only would point to flywheel.
W CMax

Hi, juddering/vibration seems to be through the car rather than just the pedal.  The jolts/thump when going over bumps is felt through any pedal but not really through the seat/steering wheel.  Is it possible the 2 are linked (bumps started before the vibration) or more likely to be different?  Sorry I know it's difficult to guess without driving the car. I'm just getting v. frustrated and it hasn't done it on mechanic test drives!

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