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Full Version: Road Karma Vs The Vauxhall Corsa
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Just got back from watching Gravity. As im leaving the multi storey car park and white '13 plate Corsa comes speeding round and almost hits me as I head down the ramp to the ground level. Some chav in the car with his Towie girlfriend, looked about 12 years old, giving abuse. He is so short, I swear he must be using a booster seat or sitting on a yellow pages to see above the steering wheel.


So I take my time, no rush. Literally on my bumper all the way to the exit barriers. To get onto the main road, left lane is to turn left, right lane is to turn right. He goes in the left lane and literally a millisecond after the lights change, cuts infront of the car in the right lane and speeds off. Drives about 20m before turning left into a side road. Great show.


My mate in the car is like what an idiot, but I said I bet you any money we run into him again. No more than 5mins later he comes blazing round a corner onto a main road and ends up behind me. And its single file all the way back home, he tries tailgating, flashing lights and revving the engine, but soon realises he is going nowhere. I purposely drive leisurely and in the end he gives up and heads off into another side road.


Love a little road karma, especially with silly Corsa driver.


P.S The film was great as well.


Haha, booster seat/yellow pages...  :lol:

Love it :lol:
Whenever some chav comes up behind me, I always slow right down - happened this evening in fact :D

I find myself fighting the urge not to do something stupid when roadchav's come in contact with me, i do like winding them up sometimes though  :P

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