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Full Version: Cars Got A Mind Of Its Own. Help!!!!!!
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Morning all please can someone shed some light on this problem as I'm getting really confused with it.
First thing first its a mk3 TDCI zetec s.
Starting issues.
First thing in a morning it starts first time and runs absalutly fine. But it's starting to do a strange thing,on some occasions once I've reached my destination switched of the ignition and done what I have to do I can come to switch the ignition back on and NOTHING happens.
All the dash lights come on and all electrics work but the engine won't turn over at all there's no sound at all. If I put jump leads on it it will start fine,and sometimes if I keep trying it will eventually start but that's like after half hour/hour.
But sometimes it will turn over no problem at all and start first time.
Could someone help please?

Can only suggest the start relay K22 in the battery junction box or the starter motor itself.

If it was the starter motor wouldn't it make a crunching noise or some sort of noise when trying to start.
What is the start relay K22?

Starter motors have a pre-engagement solenoid that inhibits power to the starter motor until it has engaged with the flywheel.

(older starter motors used to spin and throw out the engagement gear). So no, apart from maybe a click you might not notice anything.


The relay K22 is the relay between the ignition start switch and the starter solenoid, less likely but possible.

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