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Full Version: Nürburgring Crash Compilation 2013
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Worth a watch if you're interested. Definitely makes me think twice about driving it in my own car! Any of you guys been there?


just how many people do not take corrective measures or just do it wrong!


Wow that one corner is really popular


Wow that one corner is really popular


Yes certainly seems like a popular place to crash!!


Cool vid, i think that corner could do with some haybales lol


I've been on it :P


It's actually not a nice track to run, it's very bumpy and even though it's easy to say it looks like silly accidents, that corner is atrocious as far as the smoothness of the road is (the one where a ton go off). It's nothing like a normal race track at all.


Bikes are common to be off in all corners of the track. It's quite annoying how little track etiquette is being used here. That BMW at the end had it coming, he was way way too quick, did he not notice the snow?


cant believe how popular those two corners are and WTF would want to drive it in the snow?, think its a very bad idea to mix cars and bikes at the same time, should be time slots through the day for bikes and cars but if I went there I would take a recovery wagon lol


cant believe how popular those two corners are and WTF would want to drive it in the snow?

Watch from 5:44.

If you don't want to watch the rest, the guy buys a half million pound hypercar, tests it out by driving 6 hours to get to a snow covered Caldwell Park, and chucks it in the barrier.

Some people don't deserve nice cars!

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