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Full Version: S-Max Intermittent Starting Issues
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My S-Max 2.0 TDCI has just started having intermittent starting issues.  The engine turns over but doesn't start and doesn't happen every time.  It also seems to start if I apply some throttle after it starts ticking over - I thought you weren't supposed to do this on diesels?


The car was only serviced two weeks ago and the garage also read for any fault codes but there weren't any.


Does anyone have any suggestions?




Sounds to me like the fuel filter may have been replaced and the seal installed the wrong direction, or the filter for that matter!


Who did the service?


Was a Ford dealer.  It was happening a bit beforehand but not failing to start - I did think the service would solve it.


It sounds like you might have had a deteriorating fuel filter before then, and the replacement should have resolved it, however it wouldnt surprise me iof they did install it wrongly (even the dealers get it wrong!)


Have you got any means of reading the error codes?


I can get hold of one of the Android bluetooth OBD error readers - not sure how good they are though.


Tried it before and didn't receive any fault codes (mind you the dealers didn't either) - is there a specific code I should be looking for?


my bluetooth and Torque work brilliantly at reading the error codes.


You can be looking at any number of error codes, but if you see none, then we know you are looking at a mechanical problem such as problem with the fuel filter, rather than a sensor, or electrical fault that would otherwise generate an error code...


You have a typical DMF issue.

It's incredibly common on the Smax TDCi engines.


The cost of replacing the DMF is something like £800 so most owners just live with it.

I had a similar problem with our s max 2.0 tdci. Sometimes it started first time and sometimes just turned over without firing.
Turned out to be the starter motor. Although not noticeable sometimes the starter failed to spin the engine over at sufficient speed to build up fuel pressure. Got a new genuine starter and difference in starter speed was immediately noticeable. 2years later and still starts first time every time.
For info, ours is the 140hp psa engine
This could well be the issues mentioned above, fuel filters etc... But if it was happening before service, it could also be the starter motor/DMF.... But before going down that route.. Have you had a reading of the car battery? Might be worth giving that a check as well.

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