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Full Version: What Wheel?
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Hi there


I am a new owner to a Ford Smax Titanium which has the standard 18" alloys wheels


Love the car and everything is fine so far but the only problem that comes to mind is that these cars dont have a spare wheel


Can anyone suggest what smax owners use for a spare wheel, besides the foem canister which is in the car as i much preffer having a spare wheel in the car for piece of mind


what spare wheel will fit?,


Space saver?


what other models wheels will fit?


Maybee other make and models


I looking for a cheep solution 


Thanks for your help





There isnt such a thing as a space saver as far as I know. The car dimensions and weight means that a space saver wheel and its high pressure makes the car unstable and unsafe. Your best bet, is to call around looking for an unfortunate SMAX or two that has lost a fight with life and is being broken. Go along and buy a full size wheel.


You can then worry about things like the foam surrounds to boost up the floor space to make it flush with the wheel.


I am not sure what other wheels will fit, perhaps something like a galaxy or a C MAX but I cant say for definite...


This may help, if you can find the PCD then find a similar? -


This can tell you what the PCD and Offset are for studs:


as its 5x108, these seem to be possibilities?



Ford: C-max / Focus / Mondeo / Transit Connect

Jaguar: S type / X type

Peugeot: 407/ 605 / 607

Renault: Espace / Laguna / Scenic RX4

Volvo: C70 / S40 / S50 / S60 / S70 / V70 / S80 / S90 / V90 / XC90


Specifically on the Ford front from, you can see the following:


Focus: 04 on

Focus CMAX: 03 on

Galaxy: 06 on

Kuga: 07 on

Mondeo: Y2K on


Thank you kindly for your reply


I have come across this wheel below 


Renault Laguna (5x108) 17" Alloy Wheel & Tyre (225 45 17)


Anyone know for sure if it will fit the Smax?


Have a look at my signature for the "what wheels will fit my ride"


Have a look at the reply from George, because it does give more information on what you need to consider. Rarely people will take another manufacturers wheels and try and get it to work, so its not something we can guarantee. As long as you do some research you should be able to confirm it, or perhaps make it work.


The wheel you buy needs to be load tested to approx. 2.5 tonnes.


One from a passenger car will not do.


This is the reason why Ford do not offer a space-saver spare for the S-Max -the ones they fit to the Mondeo/Focus etc., are not strong enough to withstand the weight.


Hi Everyone


Thanks for all your input much appreciated


Regarding the car jack to lift the car when changing the wheel...


Just a thought not even sure if they also come with one,


Will a C Max jack work and do the job?


What jack would you reccomend and where would you store it in the car? 


Well you can buy a bottle jack from screwfix for a 2 tonner (cost me about £13), or a jack from a CMAX could do (a grande C MAX specifically).


I just store the bottle jack in the boot lol although I could hide it in the under feet storage in the back seats. I suspect the SMAX will have a similar setup?

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