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Full Version: Mondeo 130 Tdci Turbo Help!
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my turbo has recently blown on my tdci 130 so I bought a replacement just to find out when I got home that the unit I had just purchased was a fixed vain unit and the one on my car is a variable vain unit. I was told that it was for the 130 tdci but after reading a few posts on here I believe that they didn't do a fixed vain for the 130 so now I'm not so sure. Would I still be able to fit this to my car? I understand some of you are going to say it's not the right one for the car ect but I can't afford to buy another unit now and I need to get it back on the road for work until I can buy a brand new turbo so I just want to know if it's a straight forward swap and if it would run ok


pm'd you with turbo part no for your car. as far as i can see your can comes up as vacuum operated turbo

Just an update with additional information that might help, the car is a 2004 (54) both of the turbos have non-electronic actuators, they are almost identical to look at and everything is in the same place except for the wastegate, the wastegate on the new turbo points 90 degrees anticlockwise compared to the one that's on the car, I'm 99% sure that it will fit but it's whether it will run ok once fitted


The fixed vane and variable vane turbos may look similar but are quite different in the way they control the boost pressure


the fixed vane turbo controlls the boost by opening the wastgate when the diapram in the pnuematic actuator overcomes the spring at a pre-determined pressure - it is a simple system, but tends to suffer from lag, low down, unless precautions are taken


the variable vane turbo is more complicated,  a solenoid (mounted on the inlet manifold) controls the position of the vanes,(the vanes direct exhaust gasses onto the turbo turbine wheel) it is "vectored" and not "open/ closed" like the fixed vane, it changes position depending on revs, load boost etc

the solenoid (and therfore the VNT(variable nozzle turbo)) is controlled by the ECU, that gathers data from the MAP (manifold absolute pressure) sensor (measures boost pressure) and other sensors, and vectors the VNT to reduce lag at low rpms, and reduces boost as it aproaches its target level/ prevents the boost from getting too high  


The ECU/ engine is mapped for the VNT, the map would not suit the fixed vane, you may get a lot of lag, the peak boost may be different, too,


It is possible to fit the fixed vane turbo to the VNT engine (in theory) you would need the entire exhaust manifold etc, you may run into difficulties with and may affect performance, economy, or even put the engine into limp mode, an ECU reset may help the engine adapt to the characteristricts of the fixed- vane turbo, otherwise, it may have to be specially mapped for it


Its the sort of thing done to a heavily modified car (runing a lot of boost/ with a bigger turbo etc).  For you, it may just be easier just to fit a replacement OEM turbo,      

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