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Full Version: Egr Blank / Hose Question
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Have been reading through as have issues with black smoke under hardish acceleration and when driving and with little acceleration the car jerks as if about to cut out.


Took off and cleaned the EGR the other weekend and seems to have helped a bit and will be doing the inlet manifold this weeks end.


With most of the reading I've done on here I've got myself a blanking plate but am being a complete thicko now :)  where the feck does it go?


On the pick below I've marked 3 things in red.  I'm assuming the plate goes where the hose and chrome pipe in middle that comes across the front of the block?   What do you do with this hose and pipe?  Does it go back on with the plate??


Also is this the Intercooler pipe?  Seen numerous post about checking for splits relating to my issues?


Finally what is the small black hose on the left of the EGR next to the electrical connection?



Thanks all




the 2 nuts on the flange where ive marked "here",you slacken them right off,you might have to remove them.then slide your blanking plate in there & do the 2 nuts back up,& thats it.the little hose is the vacuum pipe that opens the EGR valve.(just leave it attached).

I see yours is a Euro4 engine so it'll throw up an EML light for p0401 egr circulation low. just ignore it & clear your faults every now & then,or have your EGR deleted from the ECU if you have someone in the know near you that can do it. Theres still not a lot of folk/mechanicsa that know how to,so it might take you a fair bit of searching. If youre going to just leave the EML,& clear it now & then,dont worry,it wont put your car into limp mode or anything.caregrpic1_zpsacdeeeea.jpg

caregrpic1_zps10157275.jpgcheck this pipe for splits/cracks from intercooler .actually check EVERY pipe & connection under engine only takes a teeny hole to fritter away your boost mate


Thats were the EGR blank goes :)


Not sure what the black hose is, could be most likely some sort of electrical cable I think, if you squeeze it can you feel anything inside?


Also as for the intercooler, I think its the pipe at the bottom left of your picture that the leaf is starting to fall under...


the small black pipe provides vacume to operate the EGR,the intercooler pipe is the large pipe on the bottom of the EGR held on by a jubilee clip.


Great,  thanks all for the replies.  Much appreciated :)


no problem. did you fit it yet?

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