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Full Version: Coolent
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just changed the water pump on my 54 plate there any special way to refuill the coolent back up ? thanks


Here's the 'well-known car manual book' method

1.loosen the bleed valve on top of the water-pump

2.slowly fill thru the expansion tank til coolant emerges from bleed valve.tighten bleed valve

3.continue to fill system til you reach the 'max' mark on expansion tank.

4.start engine & increase speed to 1500rpm for 20 secs. switch off engine up coolant in expansion tank til its 15mm above the 'max' mark,then refit filler cap

6.start engine,allow to idle for 2mins

7.increase rpm to 3000rpm & hold there til electric cooling fan kicks in.allow engine to idle for further 5mins

8.switch off engine & allow it to cool for 30mins.

9.remove filler cap& top up coolant to 'max' mark. refit & tighten cap back up 

then its just a case of checking it to see if theres any air locks.

personally i take mines for a good drive,stopping every now & then just to check the coolant level & to top-up if required:

ps:i always take a gallon of coolant/water with me on the drive


thanks for the info


+ make sure you use the correct type of coolant - there are 2 basic types 


+ its spelt "coolant" not "coolent"

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