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Full Version: Newbie:moneo Only Running On 3
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hi guys im new to this but im in need of help with my 2004 moneo 1800 petrol.


last week i was going to work and it all seemed fine untill i got theit and when iling it felt like it was missing when on low revs.i change coil pack an it was the same i then change the plugs an it was great. but 3 days later it started missing again.when i take the ht lead of number 4 when car is running  it does nothing but the other 3 leads make the revs drop.i took the new plug out number 4 and it was slightly black and wet.


what could this be any help would be great  thanks mick


Hi Mick,


Did you change the HT leads at the same time as the coil pack?


Its probably the leads or the plug.

Have u multimeter check resistance of each lead

hi guys i havnt changed the leads as it ran great for 3 days and thort they were fine.also when i rive it at high revs.i.e above 2500 rpm it runs fine


any ideas as to what ii should do next                                                                                                                                                                


if your plugs or leads are faulty it can damage the new coil packs - best to change the plugs 1st, then the leads, then the coil packs


Try gapping the plugs down


PS - whats a moneo? :lol:

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