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Full Version: Happy Birthday My Car
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Yes, its that time of year! my car is one year older, and so the nerves and nail biting commences. Ford are treating it to a spa day in the form of service and its annual health checkup. I dread to think what comes today!


Big Bills are inevitable I expect...


Happy birthday to your car! You should have mentioned it earlier and I could have organised a cake  :lol:


I'm sure it will sail though no problems!


Happy Birthday Jeeb's "Bus"!  :P


Day Spa at Ford - sounds pricey  :lol:

Hope your car is spoilt for the day James. Although I suspect you spoil it all year round. Take it for a drink at a nice Shell or Esso establishment before the Spa treatment. Always works a treat.

lol, Thanks chaps!


Yeah my car gets spoilt all year round, it gets a dose of the good stuff every week, it cries, brakes its leg and I replace it with a new one, but recently it has had a sniffle with its glow plugs, I have ignored that until it goes pop lol, so its probably not my friend!


On a plus side Spa Ford isnt that expensive for me, as I have the pleasure of the pay monthly installments and then pay nothing (unless something goes pop) when they do the MOT and Service.


Hopefully the Bus is going to be good to me, hopefully it loves its Spa Day so much that it comes back in better shape than ever, ready to fight another winter and keep my costs down (haha... back to reality :p)


On a serious note though, the glow plugs seem to have an error code indicating either them and/or the relay needs replacing, but otherwise its been good to me of late! I just hope Ford dont give me "that" phone call (you know, the one that starts, sorry to tell you, has a phrase of "we found an issue or two" and ends in "how friendly are you with your bank manager, and how much can you get at short notice"...)


Well - my car Passed! congratulations minibus, by the skin of your bleedin teeth!


So, the list that I scribbled down of advisories that probably wont do very well...

 I may jotted these incorrectly...


Dust Cover for (shocks?) Nearside Front - Think she said about £120 - ebay about £20 (if I was looking at the right thing)

Nearside Track Rod End - Probably about the same from Ford, Ebay says about £20)

Offside Front Tyre Rod Boot is Split - cant find on ebay so probably typed it wrong)

Rear disks have a corroded lip but the pads are fine £250 per axle - haha - Ebay £80 for disks and pads all round)

Bonnet lock looks weak and set to die! - £55

Headlights have just enough pattern / light to pass the MOT this time, but probably will need a new set of headlights - Ford wanted £400 + :D - Ebay found new for £65 each (ish)

Antifreeze replenishment - £27 - they can do that one...


So the 900 quid bill is down to about 250 to spread over the year!

Ummm.... my wallet hurts! Happy Bleedin Birthday!


Ouch looks like you're wallet is about to get a good pounding! 


Still, at least it passed and you have some time do sort those bits out at your leisure!


Definately, I am looking into removing the bonnet catch system and replacing it with a substitute (posts to follow) as part of this.


Some of the bits shouldnt be too bad, but others are undeniably more expensive than others...


So the verdict is this:


  • Bonnet Lock Weak Advise new barrel and lock (complete kit) - Ford Price - £142.27 - £35 for new kit off ebay or £40 - £50 to remove and replace with a lock pin set.
  • Headlamp beam pattern faded due to lamp lenses - Ford Price £409.06 - I think this is due only to the fogging, in which case if I polish it, that should allow the beam patter to return?
  • Corroded Lip of Front and rear disks (Pads OK) - Ford not quoted a price, but they said £250 per axle yesterday) - Ebay Price - £100 for new disks and pads.
  • Offside Tie Rod Boot (small split) - Ford Price - £166.34 need to look on ebay but they seem to be about £20?
  • Nearside Track Rod End Boot Weak - Ford Price - £155.47 - Ebay Price seemed to be around £30 - £50?
  • NearSide Rear Shock Dust Cover Damaged - Ford Price - £77.17


Total Ford Price for repairs: £1450.31

Total Ebay and Self repair cost so far: £260ish


Well I was looking into this and what it would cost me to do it myself. To be honest, I called a local indie who I have used before. He quoted me £200 for all the labour, and then he will fit any parts I provide.


Saves me buying new parts to try and do the job myself!


Well I was looking into this and what it would cost me to do it myself. To be honest, I called a local indie who I have used before. He quoted me £200 for all the labour, and then he will fit any parts I provide.


Saves me buying new parts to try and do the job myself!


Sounds like a deal you can't say no to James.  ^_^

definitely Steve, especially if it saves me buying new tools and swearing lots.

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Much more like it. Not sure you need the discs doing though as they always corrode around the edges where the pads have no contact.


Agree, but to be honest with absolutely no receipts or what have you, and given that the brakes feel a little spongey, I have no objection to getting them changed :)


But for the price, definately!

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