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Full Version: Deletion Of Threads ?
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Yesterday I commented on a thread I started about issues I was having with my daughters car.. Today the thread was deleted ... Why ?


I also wrote a lengthy thread simply asking about the new model Kuga Im looking to buy.. All I asked for was information nothing else.. The thread has been deleted....Why ?


Last actual post in the Kuga section was the 7th of october I wonder why this section has no posts recently ? Perhaps they are getting deleted ?


No information has been sent or given as to why my posts have been deleted.....

I've lost the last 23 posts that I've made :o
Anyone know what's going on?
There have been some technical issues which forum management are currently investigating.

You should have an information banner near the top of the page which has the latest on this. At the time of writing it reads:

Update - We are undergoing technical security issues which have resulted in some lost data. We will update yo

Please be patient while the situation is being remedied.

Hopefully all lost posts will be back soon.


Thanks !


Who wants to re-read my drivel anyway?


Hi everyone,


I'm sorry to say there has been a serious technical issue with our database and this has resulted in some loss of data. We are working hard to sort the situation. Will keep you all posted.




Further to the message from James.


There was a Hosting error by the Company that runs the Forum database, It was totally beyond the control of the Management and Admin Staff.


Apparently some 'Twit' pressed the wrong button because they were having a 'blonde moment' and screwfed the pooch.


Suffice to say many sharp words seem to have been exchanged between the Management and the Company concerning the 'Error'.


To put all minds at ease, There are NO security issues whatsoever and nobody will suddenly be contacted from Outer Mongolia concerning the timeshares they have 'Bought'.


Log in and personal data are totally secure and all Members here can continue to log in and participate in total safety.


Thank you all for your input, posts and continued patronage, long may the Club reign supreme.


P.S. Does anyone want to book a date in my new timeshare in Chernobyl? ;)


P.S. Does anyone want to book a date in my new timeshare in Chernobyl? ;)





Will we have to let you guys know what's gone and when from?

Or once worked out will it all come back from the date it has gone ?

as that appears to be what happened.. :-)

Its a case that we are trying to get all database content recovered, however there may be some data that is irrecoverable given the nature of the fauly.


I would suggest that any posts you find missing, feel free to recreate the post. When the content is eventually returned, then we (admin and management) will tidy things up. We will merge threads, and pull everything back together.


Although the issue is beyond our control, we share the frustration of all members, and can reassure you that a lynch mob is being formed and the twit is being headhunted. We appreciate that a lot of people contribute a lot of hours and posts to the boards, and we apologise for any time that may have now been lost as a result (Trust me, I feel your pain!).


On a side of reassurance, I can advise that in my years on this forum this issue has never happened before and is entirely an isolated incident. Please do not let this put you off for future posts (we did not get bored and go on a delete spree! :))

I have lost my foc membership will I have to reapply for it or will it come back

I have lost my foc membership will I have to reapply for it or will it come back


Hi Paul, it should be working for you now?


Any problems let me know.

Yes it back on now thank u very much James

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