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Full Version: New Car?
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Hi Guys,


I am looking at getting a new car in February/march.


I have to do around 20,000 miles a year for both personal and work, what would be the best thing to do. Lease a car? or buy a new car every 3 years or something.


I was thinking of leasing the new Ford Fiesta ST and then re-newing the lease after 3 years as the car would have done around 60,000 miles.


Would this be the best option for me? 

I currently lease my cars and find it perfectly fine.

Just ordered my new fiesta on lease and got a crackin deal. It wasn't the ST though so im not sure on the cost of that and also the 20k miles.

I have just used newbury leasing and they have been very good. Mine will be delivered 3rd march.
Hmm I think I may have to do this with all the miles I am doing.

Its a good idea, unfortunately though I dont believe you can modify a lease motor...


I wouldn't need to modify it though? As it would already have all the options and stuff I would want. 


I've always bought cars in the past, but after this time I'm going to lease.


I've had a hell of a lot of problems with my Mondeo, and the more I fix, the more comes up (I now have a binding front brake that needs sorted, and I *think* the battery is slowly dying).  You spend and lose so much money on cars that I just don't consider it to be worth the cost any more.  Get a lease car, put fuel in it and insure it - that's it.  If it breaks, let them worry about the cost of repairing it.


Just make sure the lease includes everything as some don't cover tyres and the like. I had one many years ago and they tried to get out of replacing the radiator which had a hole in it, luckily the dealer spun a line and got it sorted for me.


If your doing 20k a year wouldn't a diesel be a better bet?

I had a look at leasing deals as well having a pretty heavy commute, but many of them apply strict mileage limits, with harsh pence per mile charges if you exceed it. Just read the small print!

Certainly a good idea to lease, if you dont want to mod it though, absolutely right - just lease it!


But if you are bitten by the modbug, then you need to buy :p


I am tempted to lease I have to be honest, I just dont have the capital to put into it, however after I pay off my current batch of cars (3.5 or 4.5 years :|) then I will probably be leasing as well!


I can get the Ford Fiesta ST for £230 a month which I don't think is too bad? 

If you are set on buying the car at the end you don't really have to worry about mileage as they will never check.

230 is a good price.

That is a very good price! wow... I am impressed!


I bet that comes with nothing but the car though, no insurance, maintenance, tyres etc


£248 with the extra options I want. 18,000 miles a year. and I haven't checked about tyres etc but I don't really mind paying for them. 


Not a bad deal at all!

Mine came out at 192.52

Thats on a 3+35 and 10k miles.

Went for zetec s with metallic paint, dab, auto lights & wipers, 17" wheels.

Don't do that many long runs so i went for the 1.0 ecoboost 125.

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