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Full Version: Titanium X Business Edition
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Hi there,
I have just ordered a titanium x business edition as my next company car.
I have selected the following options,
Bi-xenon headlights,
Climate controlled from seats,
Windsor leather,
Rear seat dvd entertainment,
Rear spoiler.
I think this will be a fantastic car and can't wait to get it in the 14-16 weeks the lease company has quoted.
However I do have a couple of questions due to the lack of brochures available on this model now.
Can anyone point me in the direction of a user guide for the rear seat dvd system as I can find nothing online.
As I have spec'd the bi-xenon lights, do I maintain the afl functionality?

Cheers Adam

That is going to be a lovely motor!


There really isn't much info out there about it yet, all I could dig up was this excuse for a brochure


Ford options list the spec Bi-Xenon Headlights but that's as far as it goes.

Bi-xenon High Intensity Discharge (HID) headlights with static cornering lights (includes fixed xenon headlights, auto headlight levelling and washer jets)


Couldn't find anything on the rear-dvd system :(



Cheers ed,
I'm quite looking forward to getting it, my current cat is an Audi A3 sportback black edition 2.0tdi 170bhp.
I just hope I am not let down in terms if quality.
The mondeo is costing me less a month despite being a bigger car with way more spec on it.

Build quality is pretty good on them, the seats are lovely, the bi-xenon lamps are really impressive. Size wise it is fairly large, I presume its the 2.0 163? The torque is similar to your A3, 0-60 is a tad slower but should get higher MPG.

Yeah the mondeo is the 163 Bhp, I am not too fussed about 0-62 times because let's face it, who drives like that in the real world. I do a lot of miles in rural areas so I am more concerned with the torque, which looks to be a bit better than my Audi.
In my eyes I've gone for a fully loaded car with a decent torquey engine.
I would like to know a bit more about the functionality of parts before I get it but that's just me.

I would go into a dealer and test drive one, that way you can start to play with some of the gadgets. But those 14-16 weeks will feel even longer! The heated windscreen is great for early winter mornings, melts the ice whilst you watch others struggle with a scraper, but that might have to be for next winter! :)

I've just had a look in the lease company website and it says the estimated date of delivery is 31-01-14. Sounds a bit too optimistic after I was previously quoted 14-16 weeks.

There is a chance the 14-16 weeks is just a standard thing for any model's they provide. I wouldn't know as I have not dealt with any leasing firms. Anything can happen, I would be the sort of person to check it every day :)

Oh I do check it each day hahaha,
I usually work on the basis that any car ordered from the factory takes around 12 weeks to be delivered. This has certainly been the case with the last few cars I've had.
Only thing I can think is that there was the exact spec I wanted already built or perhaps even a cancelled order???

It would be a possibility. When you have the reg or vin you can input on for extra information about build date etc.

Is that a ford technical website sort of thing?
I need at do the cherished transfer of my private plate so I may have to wait for delivery when I will get the vin

Yeah, click on Vehicle tab then under firefix it shows only vin, but internet explorer shows vin or reg. Put in EK60XJZ (review vehicle so reg is public anyway)

That's pretty cool, it shows you the full spec build list.

I wouldn't rely on it to the dot, it can sometimes show things that are not equipped etc. Just some more details on your car when you have the vin.

Cheers for that mate, much appreciated

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