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Full Version: Mot Today...............
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....and it passed!!!  :)  :)  :)


Picked it up after work today and was presented with a new MOT certificate and the invoice for about a tenner more than the price of an MOT  :unsure:


Invoice stated 2 x 12volt AMBER bulbs plus fitting, so concluded there must have been a couple a bit on the pale side for it to pass (turns out it was both rear bulbs) but I thought 'Well at least it's cheaper than a re-test'


By the time I got home however I was starting to get a (very tiny) bit annoyed. The guy who does the MOTs for that garage live right opposite me and I've got him to do a couple of jobs on other cars we've had, at the weekends etc cash in hand. Now if it had been the other way round ie me doing the testing, I think I would have passed the car but made sure the neighbour got the bulbs changed ASAP


Seems a bit picky to me as I certainly didn't notice they were particularly dim, is there a colour chart they follow?


I know it's only a tenner but it's the principle :D  :D  :D


But all in all chuffed it passed ;)  


It's a focus, of cause she would pass! Should include a charge for delivery of the Christmas card this year? ;)


VOSA have been known to stop cars leaving garage after an mot and do a cursory check of obvious and visable tests, its one of there little tricks to check garages..

on that basis i would have done exactly the same as the guy whose signature was on the bottom of the certificate.


a garages mot certification is worth thousands in investments, damn if i would risk allowing a car to leave with a clean bill of health with such an obvious fault...cut the guy some slack, it might have cost him his job

I think you should have been called and advised the extra cost or told first if they replace any bulbs it will be at extra cost, My local garage charges 40 quid for an mot on the last one he changed 2 rear indicator bulbs but didn't even tell me, I knew as the old ones were just chucked in the boot all the amber coating had worn off.

Well at least it passed  :) , Reminds me was driving behind my car yesterday and noticed the rear sidelights/brakelights where a tad pink


Another years driving for a tenner. That's fantastic. My garage always change the bulbs if they have gone without asking. They know its not worth bothering the customer or the time it takes to contact the customer to ask if its ok. I would have been annoyed if they hadn't changed them then expected me to put it in for a retest which they are entitled to do.


I understand what your saying Kevin, as a neighbour, it would have been the better way to do it, but as Tony said, Garages are being spot checked much more regularly and it would not be worth the risk. Maybe something less obvious he would help you out with, but when the error can be seen outside the vehicle then I can understand why he did it.


I wouldnt give him too much stick, if he saves you more money in the long run then that is the best thing to happen! but another year for a tenner, isnt bad at all. it could be worse, you could have my advisories list...

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