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Full Version: Drivers Side Heated Door Mirror
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Hi Guys need your help/advice. Looked through the forum but can not find a definitive answer.


I bought my 54 Reg MK3 Mondeo early part of the year. Due to the cold frosty mornings, I've recently started to notice that my drivers side heated door mirror isn't working. The passengers side door mirror is getting warm as it should do, but not the drivers side. The connections behind the mirror seem ok from what I can see, as there is not much room. Also don't feel confident in trying to remove the mirror glass.


I need to remove the drivers door card to reseal it as its leaking slightly. So could someone please tell me if the wiring that controls the heated door mirror is part of the wiring for the electric door mirror or is it separate I.e inside the door behind the membrane.


I have read somewhere that sometimes it can be just a case of disconnecting it a few times to get it to work.


Your help would be most appreciated.


I see as Im not a regular poster nobody is prepared to help me


I see as Im not a regular poster nobody is prepared to help me

Or it could just be that nobody knows the answer?  Jeez...


Hi Alan,


Don't take the impression away that just because you dont have a high post count nobody wants to know. We all come on in our spare time and help where we think we can offer something useful. If someone doesnt know the answer, they wont reply. We try to help everyone, whether you have a post count of 1 or a 1,000.


In answer to your question, I believe that all the heating and door controls are in the same relay and harness that would go up to the mirror housing. AFAIK, this is all behind the door card on the upper corner. If you are already removing the door card, then you should be able to spot it easily. If you suspect that you have water ingress anyway, this is a likely factor to the reason that you are seeing this issue.


If you're careful the mirror glass should unclip with the plastic holder complete. The heated mirror connection will be two spade connectors that plug into the back of the mirror glass. The easiest way to check for the fault would be to use an electrical tester to see if there is power there. If there is power then it will be the glass itself. If not then the wiring I would imagine.


Thanks for the replies guys.


Bit of an update, checked the heated door mirrors again, and found as previously stated the passenger door gets nice and warm, but have now noticed that the drivers door mirror barley gats warm.


From what I can now gather there is power getting to the mirror. So to me it sounds like either a bad connection or faulty heating element.


May have to take a trip to my local scrap yard and aquire a replacement door mirror 

I would go along with the idea of replacing the mirror assembly.
It's exactly what I've done in the past.

I have replaced the entire housing and mirror assembly, cost about £90 from Ford directly.


You could pick it up a darned site cheaper from the scrappy.


Hi guys as most of you are aware of the problems I'm having with the heated drivers door mirror I have decided to replace both of the door mirrors, as I have now come across a pair of door mirrors even colour coded the same colour as my car, at a very reasonable price for the 2. The only thing at the moment I'm unsure of is if they are for a pre-facelift or facelift Mondeo.


Does anybody know what if any difference there is, apart from I know that the facelift mirrors are slightly bigger in size glass wise. If that is the only difference that is something that does not bother me.


I dont believe there is a substantial difference if its only a facelift of the same MK of mondeo. I would check the part number to be sure. is a good place to look, or if something has access to ecat or microcat then these will be better sources of comparison!


While you have the mirror off I would check to make sure you have power going to the connections. If you have no power to the heating element a new mirror wont help.

It could most likely be a corroded connection on the back of the mirror glass

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