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Full Version: Is This Oil Ok?
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Seeing as thought the Mondeo is new to me, i'll be doing a few jobs on it soon.


Is this oil ok for the 2.0 130 - as i can get it for very cheap...




Thanks in advance.


Is it synthetic or semi?


Synthetic i think,


heres some blurb on it...


Havoline Energy 5W-30 


High performance fuel conserving synthetic engine lubricant:

  • Advanced viscosity characteristics promote improved fuel economy and high performance oil film protection against engine wear.
  • Low volatility synthetic base stocks help reduce lubricant loss through evaporation.
  • Promotes lower emissions, reduced oil consumption and improved fuel efficiency throughout engine service life.
  • Low temperature fluidity aids rapid lubricant circulation during cold engine starts, offering increased engine protection.
  • Promotes greater wear and corrosion protection in arduous high temperature, high speed and city stop-start driving conditions.
  • Offers reliable protection against starting friction and heat stress, helping resist harmful varnish, sludge and deposit formation.

fords fomula f and castrol magnatec seem to be the prefered choice, but any 5w-30 should be fine.


what do you class as very cheap, the above can be bought from places like ebay for a good price.


Cheap enough to be tempted!


Should i be using synthetic or semi?

Also, should it be a 'diesel' oil or will any 5-30 do?




Id say fully synthetic and diesel oil only.


As Steve says, best to use Full and if it states diesel, all the better


Also this one:




both are 5-30 so not sure which would be best...


The blue bottle says synthetic and this grey bottle says synthetic multigrade.


I think the latter looks like it should do, just make sure there is no small print for engine size or fuel type! might be best waiting for a second opinion though!


Seeing as thought the Mondeo is new to me, i'll be doing a few jobs on it soon.


Is this oil ok for the 2.0 130 - as i can get it for very cheap...



Yes, its fine. That's what my Cougar got for the majority of its 170k miles (and it wasn't the condition of the engine that persuaded me to sell it, before you ask).


That said, I'd still be keener on a 913-C oil than a 913-B, and I haven't seen the Havoline bottle recently, so I don't know if they have upgraded the oil to the latest spec, yet. I imagine that they might have, but don't know.


Both the 'blue bottle' and the 'grey bottle' say synthetic on the front of them. However, when a few years ago, the blue bottle changed to saying synthetic on the front (and the grey used to say 'fully synthetic', IIRC) none of the other specs changed, so I suspect it of being a 'whoa, and now legally, we are allowed to describe this as synthetic!' number. (But, that's what everybody else does....)


The grey bottle oil is supposed to be a superior oil, but isn't (or wasn't, last time I looked) approved to the Ford specs. You can take a chance with that, knowing that in some sense it is supposed to be superior, or go for the one that is appropriate for your Ford. (Note: the 'Ultra S' is a low SAPS oil, and from that point of view is likely to be less damaging to exhaust after-treatment systems, but they may (or may not) have had to compromise lubrication ability to achieve the appropriate low SAPS ratings - as I say, a 'better' oil, but not necessarily a more appropriate one).


In the old days (say, to 2005 - 2008, or something) Morrisons' petrol stations always used to carry the Texaco-branded oils very cheaply, but nowadays it seems that only some do. 




I forgot to say that, prior to Ford's current 'Preferred Lubricant Supplier' deal with BP (and hence Castrol), my local Ford dealer used to use Texaco/Havoline oil. I think that they are on Castrol now, but am not sure, having used a different dealer recently.


A little off-topic... actually no it's not - it's more of a temporary slightly-related hijack for my own means!


My daughter started school this year and as such, the majority of my journeys are now school runs of less than a couple of miles.  In the past I've always used Comma 5/30 synthetic - with doing short runs would I/the car benefit from running something like Magnatec instead?


Lots of short journeys - I'd be tempted to change the oil more often (at lower mileage intervals).


I know why you say about Magnatec (those molecules that they never seem able to decide whether they are magnetic or electrostatic or just magic), but Castrol advertise that, and everybody uses polar molecules to some extent, so I am not sure that there is a clear advantage (or, maybe, I'm just being cynical). Now, the presence of extra crud in the oil? That's an issue, particularly with a diesel, and special molecules don't help, unless they are detergent or other solvents (and some are).


So, I really don't know enough to say that one oil is better than another for this particular use case, but, if I was to bet, I'd bet doing a minimal oil change would be better than the slightly better oil. As they say, YMMV.

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