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Full Version: Tax Discs To Be A Thing Of The Past
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I don't know if I like this or not. Obviously it will save a few quid printing all the tax discs and sending them out, but installing cameras to 'check' if these cars are registered seems like a further way to track exactly where and when you and your car is in a certain place. This could bring a benefit to catching nicked motors, but I still don't like the idea of more cameras tracking everything :(


Good idea - should have done it years ago imo. I've been renewing mine online for at least the last 6 or 7 years anyway takes 5 mins doesn't it, had to go and get the new one from the post office at the end of last month as my car insurance was up 2 days before the expiry of the tax disk - that's just a ball ache. Inn fact I expect the post office won't be too happy about this as it will be lost revenue for them.


Most Cities have ANPR cameras dotted around anyway (My City certainly does) and many Police vehicles, and the law was changed recently concerning displaying of tax discs anyway.

Everything we need to know about tax/insurance/MOT/registration details is all on databases anyway, and if not it's only one phone call away.

With car tax (more correctly road fund license) the offence used to be failure to display, now it's failure to own.

All new car buyers get a piece of paper to cover the car instead of a new tax disc from the Dealers and many regional DVLA offices have already disappeared.


Slightly off topic Stoney, I didn't realise it was now failure to own, I had researched it quite a bit but as with the intenet I couldnt get a straight answer. I have bought a personal reg and haven't yet received my revised tax disk but can see its been attached/transferred to my new reg by using the DVLAs tax disk checker, so in theory can I put my plates on now, as obviously its in the post or will be in the post sometime soon and on the database?




As long as DVLA has stated that the tax has been transferred to the new Reg then yes you should have no problems.

i would recommend that you ring DVLA (0300 790 6802 ) and check first though.

Tax discs usually only take 3-5 working days to arrive anyway.



Another interesting bit of new legislation too-


That would have helped me, I took 6 months tax this time, for the sole reason I would never be able to renew online due to my tax running out in the same month as my insurance. The fact is you could sell your car to someone with tax and they might never buy insurance, so I don't see the problem really.


I like the idea! the thought of paying a little more but spreading the cost over the year by direct debit is a good thing, it might encourage those who couldnt afford to pay out a full year at once, to actually stop gambling with not having one and instead get the monthly small payments set up!


I look forward to it!


I think it's a good thing. We've been living in the past with paper tax discs. 


I feel sorry for people like Richbrook though. They must sell thousands of their metal tax disc holders!


Damn, I've got all 18 tax disks for the fiesta. Looks like I won't get many more  :(


Damn, I've got all 18 tax disks for the fiesta. Looks like I won't get many more  :(


Museum piece?  :P

Old George

For Sale


Genuine plastic Evans Halshaw tax disc holder.

One careful owner.


Bargain at £10 (posted recorded delivery) 

It won't be around long at this price so invest in a future collectable. ;)  :lol:

I heard about this on the news and I welcome the idea. Every 6 months an unmarked or sometimes marked dvla van passes by on my road and check all tax and insurance. Few clamps are fitted once the van goes by. I have always thought it to be a waste displaying what the police and the dvla already know.

Sometimes the tax disc falls off. One time mine fell behind the dash on a hot day I popped in an older tax disc

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I welcome the idea, been saying it for ages! I work in the motor industry and taxing cars is a right pain. You pay your council tax, and yet you don't display a piece of paper in your front room...

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