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Full Version: Dpf Removal To Fail Mot In February 2014
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Spotted this on the news today!


Not great news for diesel owners  :(


not good news, people are going to have some big bills coming in to reinstall these, I wonder how they will check, as from what I read in alot of cases they remove the internals and leave the casing.  Didn't know it was illegal either, but can see why it is.


not good news, people are going to have some big bills coming in to reinstall these, I wonder how they will check, as from what I read in alot of cases they remove the internals and leave the casing.  Didn't know it was illegal either, but can see why it is.


That's quite clever. I can see why it is illegal due to emissions etc but they should have waited until the technology was a little better and they don't keep getting clogged all the time

easy enough to bypass. pick up and install an exhaust with a cheap dpf install, get mot, remove and repeat.

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Captain Haddock


Rummages around for 'to do' list; crosses out 'DPF removal'.

Mr Singh

i say its a good thing... it'll teach driver to buy a car which is fit for the type of driving they do.


have said it before on here, was only a matter of time before this came about.

will see a drop in sale of diesels, unless they vastly improve the technology.


there is always a way round it, though as time goes on those 'loopholes' will get plugged too.


i personally wont touch anything with DPF problems, leave it to the specialists as not worth the aggro.



worth remembering though, car tax is cheaper with DPF than those that have had them removed cant have it both ways ;)


It is a pain, as you say, the technology leaves a lot to be desired. The idea of DPF is nice, its just poorly implemented. However, I feel like this is a step too far! clearly when a DPF removal is complete and a remap occurs, the car can produce a safe and reasonable amount of toxins, so why put the DPF in the first place? Also, if the DPF is clogged and full with the poisons, how does it get treat when Ford replace it? who says its not just mass burned and releasing these toxins as they are?


It just feels like another way for the authorities to string us up by the cahoonas.


the filter traps solids (ie..particular matter) which are produced naturally in the burning process


the regeneration is needed to heat up those solids long enough to turn them into gasses...which is less harmfull to both human/atmosphere etc


removing the dpf does little to alter the emission gasses but allows the harmful solids within those gasses  to be entering the atmosphere.

This was the main reason I ditched diesel TBH! I saw it coming!

Ecoboost petrol if they could be used in tandem with hybrid technology should really leave diesel to the truckers!


same here, but think the manufacturers/dealers should have done a lot, lot more in explaining the system and the requirements for keeping it in order at time of sale....bit like the early days of timing belts, very few knew that belts needed changing at, often, 30k-40k ending up in huge amounts throwing belts...not unusual to have 3 or 4 a week coming through the doors at the time.


technology needs improving, and it will as it did with the petrol catalytics..lot hardier now than the early set ups


Agree entirely. But its wrong for the government to enforce expensive costs on the country more than they already do to shaft us!


circa £200 every 3 years, £1k service every 6 years, on top of all the usual bendings over that we offer with VED, Fuel Taxes, Insurance Tax etc...


which is probably why full explanations of the system etc wasnt freely given...


but like i did make tax cheaper which over the years adds up to a fair amount

is it really cheaper? Normally a timing belt cost around 500 or more. Thats 500 every 3 years doing 10, 000 miles a year. Are you really saving any money? My 1.6tdci tax is 30 a year and was free for the first 3 years.

Compared to the what you said when a tax of 30 is due in 3 years time from new on my car you on the other hand will need to fork out 500 for a new timing belt. Not not saving anything at all. Even if my tax was 100 a year for 3 years it still would be cheaper

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sorry, thats gone right over my head???


20yrs ago it was common for belts to need chanking at 30/ tax was same for all vehicles...cant remember the cost of tax but belt replacement only got expensive if they broke



today...belts commonly do 100k plus, tax is variable based on emmissions...dpf is cheap because of low emmissions...take the dpf out it will be ranked much higher.


think you misunderstood what i was liking the lack of important information at point of sale in the need for

1/ timing belt maintenence 20 yrs ago

2/DPF maintenence present day


both of which result in huge costs when neglected,  that offset a lot of savings at point of sale....


Meh, DPF casings are usually left for MOT inspection, and seeing it's visual, as long as you pass emissions you'll be fine.


I'm sure plenty won't agree with me (puts on flame-proof suit), but this is good news in my opinion. I (and I'm sure most people) don't want to breathe carcinogenic particulates if it can be avoided. On the other hand, I don't really care about CO2.

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