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Full Version: Obd2 Bluetooth Adapter
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I have one of the above but when i turn the ignition off my adapter stays lit up and the LED's may cause unwanted attention. Does anybody else have this issue?

I'm also worried about battery drainage. Any advice peeps? 


Its no problem matey, I tend to leave mine in all the time. It leaves a red light on, but then in my car I also have this red light, the immobiliser red light and a four way 12v extension lead with three red and one blue lights lol. No unwanted attention (and given where I live that is a born miracle!)


Otherwise I had all these LED's along with the trip computer light (living permanently on) and have had the car stood out there for two or more days with no issues at all in starting again.


As long as you arent going to leave the car for weeks, I cant see it being a problem at all :)


cheers James, bought one of them mini obd2 adapters off ebay for £6....i'll keep it as a spare if not i'll give it to my younger brother to use.

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