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Full Version: Ford Focus Fog Lights: 35W Or 55W????
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Want to change and upgrade the fog light bulbs on Ford Focus mk2 ('58) to a whiter Xenon style. 

I bought a pair of 35w H8 (Ring Xenon 'Extreme White') as recommended to replace the ones fitted but the old ones, which were on the car when bought, funnily enough were a 35w H8 and a 55w H11...Hmm! :wacko: ?????... yet the light was quite bright but that awful creamy white!!!! hence the upgrade.

The 35w bulbs are sh... rubbish and cast very little light.

Having checked a couple of online sites for compatible bulbs, they offer 35w H8 or 55w H8?

I know H11 (so why it was fitted in the first place, who knows :whistling: ) are not supposed to be fitted so am I safe to use 55w H8 bulbs as an upgrade??

kind regards...  :driving:





Hi Steve,


I dont see any reason why you couldnt use the 55w, I thought that was the output for the fog lights.


Having scanned other posts, it seems the concern is the risk of 'frying' the electrics..... I thought a fuse should go before a disaster of burnt out wiring!!!... Isn't that what fuses are for? assuming they are of the correct rating and not higher which would then allow the circuitry to self combust!!!


Its a valid point Steve, and one that would normally be assumed, but the problem is that sometimes you cant guarantee the previous owner has put the right value fuse in.


Mmm!... confusing!!... Having checked the fuse, it's the right value 20A fuse.

So, do I go ahead and fit the 55w bulbs (110w total) or did the wiring get away with it due to the two bulbs being 35w & 55w (90w total). Had they both been 55w.... Who knows??????.... 


Any advice from an auto electrician?


Cheers... Steve


Bizarrely I have just looked on Osrams online look up here:


and it states that there are two versions that Ford produces. One with a 35w H8 and one with a 55w H11  :lol:


In addition to my above post:

Just done an online calculation and it turns out that I only draw 9.16666 Amps from 110w (2 x 55w) bulbs.

Theoretically I should be ok!!!????


This is getting even more frustrating...

Just rang 2 Ford dealers, one local (Yorkshire) and one in Surrey.... When asked, they both said 'Think it's 35w, hang on, I'll check'.... reply: Yorkshire - (Voice in back ground), I dunno, 55w but we fit 35w... (man shouts) 'Alan!, 35w or 55w for Focus front fog bulbs?... (Alan's reply) 55w. what size?.. when told H8, Alan says 'No they're all H11 on Focus'. After some deliberation they recommended 35w but 55w should be ok... they didn't say H8 or H11...Hmmm!. Confidence booster... NOT!


Surrey - On checking: Are you fitting H8 or H11?... Me: H8. Them: 'I thought they were all H11 but you need 35w... let me just check'... 'Right. agh! screen shows 35 and 55 bulbs. I know we fit 35w but the wiring should take 55w cos the H11 are all 55w'....Me: I'm on H8 Them: you can't get 55w H8 Me: You can, I've got some Them: Oh... I didn't know you could get them I'd go for 35w H8 or 55w H11. Me: H11 don't fit Them: Oh right. 35w to be safe. Me: Leave it with me, thanks....

Well, an even bigger Hmmmmmm!.. Thanks for nothing!! other than playing safe at 35w...


I know that but I want brighter bulbs... looks like I'll have to replace the 35w with a different 35w brand.... BUGGER!


Theoretically, I would suggest that you check the fuse in accordance with the handbook and make sure its the right one. If its only 10amp, it might be worth downgrading the fuse for extra protection...


if you arent paying out a fortune for the bulbs mate, try the 55w and keep the fuse less than the handbook. Worst case scenario, the thing blows a fuse, you upgrade up to what the handbook says, and you blow the fuses, then you know to drop it to 35w, but I was under the impression 55w would be fine!


35W are for HID units that produce more light by far. 55W are standard for halogen.


35W are for HID units that produce more light by far. 55W are standard for halogen.


I have a feeling it's this.

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