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Full Version: Nitrogen Filled Tyres
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Inspired by a comment in and not wanting to spoil the 'What did you buy your Ford for Christmas' thread...

Two new rear tyres due to punctures, full alignment/balancing, nitrogen filled all tyres and new numberplate holders.




How do you find the ride now Clive? Is there a significant difference? 


No-where up here to get it done and I don't know if I would actually splash out on it but interested in what others think  ;)


Using pure Nitrogen in tyres is supposed to reduce pressure changes due to tyre temperature and reduce leaks as Nitrogen molecules are larger than Oxygen molecules therefore maintaining tyre integrity.

TBH it's probably a load of cobblers but does sound cool.

Saying that F1 and aircraft manufacturers have been using Nitrogen for years so who's to say (although those tyres are meant to take a lot more abuse heat wise).

It was £1.50 per tyre at Kwik-Fit with free top-up's as needed- I know, not the best bunch around but when you have two tyres going down and the tyre place is at the end of your road what are you to do?


Personally I feel the wheels seem more stable but could just be due to two new Goodyears on the car and the fact my tracking and balancing was way off.


All in all I think it's personal choice.


Old George

I had new Goodyears fitted all round on Thursday by tyresonthedrive. Then i called in at a local independent tyre fitter to have the tracking checked, they advertise nitrogen filling and i was wondering if there are any tangible benefits?


Stoney hit it on the head with the first part of his explanation ;)

I've found that my pressures stay more balanced and I don't need to top up as much...

As for wear and ride etc, not much dofferemce
Fifth gear recon it's not worth the extra cost :p
Tiff doesn't recommend it. Aw shucks!
One persons opinion doesn't make a majority ;).
Personally I just think it's a good posing point- "You only have boring old air in your tyres? Poor you" :p

Love the fact that tiff said "if your not checking your pressures regularly you shouldn't be on the road at all" a point i always stress to people ! don't think some people realise the dangers and how you can loose control of your car with under inflated tyres. 

Tiff is the king of stating the bleeding obvious.

Still prefer Top Gear anyway, 5th Gear is boring in comparison.

I never check my tyre pressures >_>


This is why I purposely bought sensors >.<


I personally never noticed any difference on the nitrogen front lol. Had the nitrogen put in my new tyres and didnt feel any different. The car never lost air at any less a rate than it has before!


Im just glad they dont charge more than £1.50, but Kwik Fit have recently taken to just charging customers for the use of Nitrogen. Sadly they used the excuse the air compressor wasnt working with one customer I was near

Don't forget that your tyres also have air in them. They don't remove it when they put the nitrogen in ;)

:O sacrilege! I paid for Nitrogen, not Air! eesh!


Personaly I think its just a con. All it will do is make people think they dont need to check their tyre pressure because it supposedly wont go down, so, as tiff pointed out at the end they wot know if they have a slow puncture or a leak.


Also if you do check the pressure regularly, each time you stick the pressure gauge on, a little air always leaks out, so you either leave it or top it up. unless you go back and pay another £1.50 you will put fresh air in so will defeat the idea of nitrogen anyway.


Don't forget that your tyres also have air in them. They don't remove it when they put the nitrogen in ;)

They are supposed to let all the air out 1st before they fill the tyres with nitrogen

Old George

I'll use Helium to lighten the steering!  :rolleyes:  :D


I personally think it's a bit of a con. Can't see it make that much improvement to be worth it for the hassle. What happens if you have a flat or your tyre is 10psi down before a long journey. You need to top it up but you can't find anywhere that's open and sells nitrogen. 'Oh no.... what am I going to do? I can't just put poverty spec air in there!!'  :P


I like the fact the I can get my air from anywhere including my foot pump!  :D

I've never paid for nitro inflation ;) always haggle it lol!

If they are gonna do it for free who cares lol

wrong thread there Mick? lol

Haha sorry guys I have no idea how that got there lol u idiot mick ha

Deleted your brain f a r t. ;)

Old George

 £1.50 per tyre at Kwik-Fit, anyone else think the price is a bit inflated?....................(I'll get me coat!) :P  :D 

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