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Full Version: Second Hand Mondeo St 07
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hi all just joined the forum, as thinking of buying a ford mondeo and leaving the French car scene.

have my eye on a few mondeos ranging from 05-07 the st model, now all the ones I am viewing are high milege as in anything from 97-160k on clocks so guessing these were company cars on motorway mileage.


so my questions are.....    what are these cars like for servicing, repairs, general wear n tear?

also with these high mileage engines whats likely needed to be done to them to keep em maintained well. and are there any common problems or things to look out for when buying one of these.


basically I;m after as much info as possible on these, as money is tight as just had a new born, so don't want to buy the car and two weeks later it falls bits with a ton of bills to put it right.

Petrol or diesel version mate?

seen both, but majority seem to be diesel version

EGR valves are prone to blocking up... My dad's had 3 on his now! Other than that it's been a solid reliable car!

It's on about 100000 now I think..

so is that a cheap fix or gonna cost? just read a few posts bout mondeos and saw that

You may be able to blank it off... I'm
Not familiar with that engine as such, stef123 will know... He will probably be along later!!

excellent more info the better, really like the look of the car, and now with baby n buggy and all that need a four door and boot space, but still retain a element of modding subtly when the mrs aint looking


The EGR can be blocked (solid, stainless dteen plate) but it is a Euro 4 and liable to put the EML on  


Unfortunately that is not all that goes wrong with them - the DMF can give trouble, the aux belt/ pulleys wears quite quickly (very long bely and poor tensioner design) cousing it to rattle on tickover and the electronic actuator can play up (VNT vanes can coke up)


When it is going well it is a nice car to drive with good handling and decent nidrange torque, with just a remap, can be made fairly quick, but still with a decent MPG (people have different ideas of what "quick" is, but its an exellent balance of power/ MPG )


typical mods are :- remap, larger FMIC, decat, free-flow stainless exhaust, i built my 2.0L TDDI estate to be quicker than an ST-TDCI hatch with these mods,- it was a lot of work to achieve/ exeed this    


the ST220 is a gutsy brute, dropping to 20mpg round town/ booting it, but its a nice car to drive, too, with a nice sounding & torquy v6, its not as quick as a Focus st-225, though


Another car worth considering is the mk4 Titanium x 2.2, its a bit newer,(the last mk3s are 7/8 years old now) and has more tuning potential, with 220HP potential with just a remap   


ok all this info is helpful....


so ive narrowed it down to two cars really one is a 07 one is 06, prefer the 06 2,2 st as price is in my raqnge a lot more, but the mileage is 167k, with this sort of mileage what should I expect to need doing or what should have been done to keep this running sweet and and last a while longer?

Does it come with receipts / bills paid out? As for any car that mileage is getting towards rebuild time depending on history. If it can be proved it was mostly motorway miles I'd be a bit more relaxed but if not it would worry me...

from what I can see its motorway miles, all ive seen in my price range seem high mileage anyways. so you'd advise to stay away as I want it to last and not be expensive

Service intervals, proof of servicing and invoices / receipts would help me decide personally. Modern cars can munch motorway miles, but if the miles have been harder then everything could need looking at / replacing soon. Any advisories on the MoT documents?

not seen them yet, though avert from garage states it has full service history.

 trouble is I haven't seen many of the 2,2st's with mileage under 90k so really now I'm asking whats likely to need doing round these times? and rough guide prices. i';m guessing good idea for cam belt is there any work that a novice can carry out or are the engines fully enclosed? 

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