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Full Version: Would You Shop A Drink-Driver For 1000?
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I think most folk would have no problem shopping someone they didn't know or like but would you shop a friend/relative/spouse?  


Would have done it for free but if they want to pay me £1000 for it who am i to argue :lol:


If people want to drink either get someone who wont drink to drive or take a taxi,,,,,, simples :)


When it comes to friends or relatives. People shouldnt need to call the police because if they care about them that much they'd stop the friend or relative from driving anyway.


+1 on Steve, I would shop them for free, especially someone I dont know about. Anyone who I do know I would be insistant that they dont go anywhere, but if they were clearly not going to blow green, then they need stopping end of!

Would do, and have done many a time either taken keys myself, or shopped people...

There's no excuse... I've seen the aftermath few times now. And it's just not worth the risk!

I think the current drink drive limit should be lowered/no tolerance personally...
I don't think I even need to answer this one.
I think most folk would have no problem shopping someone they didn't know or like but would you shop a friend/relative/spouse?  

Id report them in any case if I knew them or not,

If I knew them,
If possible I would try to prevent them from drink driving, but if the persisted then I would have to anominously report them,
Picture your family driving home or anywhere,
Being met head on colission with the known or unknown drink driver ?

As said already, would dob in anyone for free.


If family/relatives, try to get some sense into their heads myself, if it failed, then to the cops it is.


Road traffic collisions involving DUI are usually a mess, families lose loved ones at the blink of an eye, and it's dreadful for the police officer who has to make the notification of next of kin.


I'd say heavier penalties need to be imposed on drunk drivers than it currently is, and I think shopping anyone is a no-brainer.

Old George

What really irritates me is the persistent drink drivers who don't lose their license because their bleeding heart brief claims it will cause 'hardship'. Really? What about the 'hardship' these irresponsible goons could inflict on their potential victims? :angry:


First offence should be automatic ban as well as the fine, no ifs, no buts. Second offence? Mandatory prison sentence, seeing as you didn't get the message first time around.


What really irritates me is the persistent drink drivers who don't lose their license because their bleeding heart brief claims it will cause 'hardship'. Really? What about the 'hardship' these irresponsible goons could inflict on their potential victims? :angry:


First offence should be automatic ban as well as the fine, no ifs, no buts. Second offence? Mandatory prison sentence, seeing as you didn't get the message first time around.



Although there are some that do lose their licence still carry on driving anyway :angry:


Would do it for free but a £1000 would be a nice bonus!  :P


I like to think I'm pretty lucky and that none of my friends or family would be that stupid but as Steve said you would do your utmost to stop them if you had to!


At the end of the day, although my wife doesnt drink or drive, I would rather she was at home with points and a hell of a fine, than she wasnt at home at all!


DUI when your between 0 and 15mg/100ml your alright. OK your a little slow, but you still generally would be capable of managing the car. I imagine this would probably be a couple of shandies.

up to 25, you would need to be seriously careful and you would have to fight yourself and the car so much to keep yourself safe.

up to 35 and beyond, your an idiot. Simple.


I am embarrassed to say that in my youth, I made the error of drink driving, The conditions where snowy, the roads were quiet, and it was an uneventful drive, I honestly couldnt say how close to the limit I was. I had a pocket analyzer that just turned red (this was about 1 hour before I left my works doo) so I must have been damned close, if not, already over.


All the way home, I was nervous, I knew I had control of the car (I could drink and no exactly what was going on, had full control, didnt play ping pong with the white lines, and could meet the speed limit as if I hadnt drunk), but I was jumpy at anything that moved. It was a horrific feeling, and on top of that, as I was driving, I always had the niggle... are those headlights fitted with blue lights? as well as "if I get caught, I can kiss my job, family and life goodbye" and since then, although I might have an odd drink, if I am planning on driving later, I make it a weak shandy, or a tiny tipple in a drink of coke) that way, I feel like I am joining in, get the taste, and it suffices. on the barely existent events if I have something stronger, I drink as much other fluid as I can to try and dilute it and get it out a bit quicker. I have never drink driven in a state I did that night since, and I really wouldnt want to.


I sympathise with Dave and Clive, their line of work sees it in the most gory way. They see the lucky sod's, as well as the unfortunate families. I really dont know how these guys dont end up taking the idiots into a quiet cell and knocking ten bells out of them. Professionalism aside, as a human, I admire them that they dont want to do it! I have to say, I would struggle!


You sometimes need a serious scare to break a bad idea, and often most drink drivers get their kick when they plough into someone or something else, by that point, the lesson may have been hard learned, the cost is totted up, and they will pay the bill. I'm thankful that on that day, I learned it without event! a lot of people seriously dont listen and process (I was one of them!) and the advice of dont drink and drive, is often responded with "well one cant hurt" followed by "well another small one cant hurt".


Perhaps they should extend the driving test, to include the drink driving experience (being serious here!).


Closed track, you have a few drinks, and you go out with an instructor. then you have a simulated police stop, on top of all the breathalyser, and the oncoming "traffic" along with "pedestrians" who step out in front of the car. For most, the surreal experience probably could be enough to give the kick before they get their license, to others it will be nothing more than a game I am sure, but why not scare people in the safest way possible....?


i've reported a few and my missus thinks i shouldnt. even if i see something dangerous on the motorway i will call the police but wifey thinks that i will on a list of nuisance callers!

Never!! Your doing the right thing mate.
Jeebs, we all do things in our youth we regret. Luckily you had no incidents and have learnt from it. I've seen one guy be arrested 3 times for drink driving... And I've only been active for 18months! And not even on traffic! This time of year there are always reports of suspected drunk drivers, the public phone in and it helps us brilliantly. One shift we had 4 in one night from people phoning in. What I've found is that is doesn't tend to be the younger generation anymore. During many drink/drive ops you say to anyone under 30-35, with a car full of drunks in tow, how much have you had, and the reply 99% of times is "I'm the designated driver tonight", and they blow 0, it's the older generations that have got away with it for many years that still think they can... I think young people value their licenses more these days when it comes to this.
When you pull someone over that's obviously unfit to drive and then find they are banned already for the same thing the term frustrated doesn't come close.
Some people really don't get the message.
I firmly feel (this is my own personal view and should not be construed as professional policy) that anyone caught DUI whether through alcohol or substance intoxication should get an instant 5 year ban, have to watch their car being crushed, and be shown graphic images of the aftermath of a intoxicant related RTC where a fatality occurred.
If that doesn't shock them enough and they re-offend (whether still within a ban period or after their ban ends) then I believe a LIFETIME BAN should be applied.
They have obviously shown zero respect for other drivers or pedestrian so therefore present a persistent threat to road safety.

Im with you on that Sal, I dial 101 when I am on the motorway and report seriously bad drivers, unless its dangerous, in which case I have called 999, and commentated the cop car to behind me, then in front!


Dave, Agree entirely and thankfully I learned from my errors, but as you say, some people will never learn!


Clive, you have been on the beat long enough so I can see why you want to go as far as you do, I think its a good idea, but as with everything these days, I am sure that ssomeone could argue that you are breaching their human rights in one way or another! :p




i like your thinking - it certainly would work!

shame this country is too soft on punishment.


Every morning i see other drivers cutting up drivers on a roundabout instead of sitting in traffic in the right lane they decide to go in the wrong lane and try to cut in and this annoys me like hell. Most of the time you can see it happening and if someone tries it on me i will drive wide on purpose so not to give them the space to cut me up. Just wish i could something about it, the 5-0 aint interested as i've seen them sitting opposite the said roundabout and do nothing.

What everyone must remember is that driving is a privillege not a right.
If you stay within the law and drive with respect and courtesy for others then all is fine.
Break the rules and suffer the conequences.

What everyone must remember is that driving is a privillege not a right

Took me 6 years to get my full licence
Others get it too easy at an early age and don't look after it,
My brother was caught drink driving twice and lost his licence the second time,

I know another guy who drink drives then goes to work the following monday and boasts about it to his work mates....
Thinks he's invincible because his family member is a copper.
Driving under the influence is to say the least irresponsible and taking risk,
If I was his employer, I would sack him because coming to work boasting about drink driving at the weekend thinking hes "cool" shows that the guy takes pride in taking risks and chances,
So what sort of an employee is he to have in the work place?
In my opinion he is a liabilitie in the work place because he prides himself in narrow escapes and chances

I'd happily do it free, especially seeing I was hit by one lol


I have a strict no tolerance, I won't drink a thing if driving.


I have a strict no tolerance, I won't drink a thing if driving.

If I go to a bar for a meal I stick to soft drinks.
If I have been drinking I don't drive for at least 12 hours after the last drink and often much longer.
Gary Minty Jupe

my partners ex bully of a husband lost his license twice for drink driving and then carried on driving anyway both times I personally reported him many times but he got away with it !!!!! this is a man who attacked her at 6am one morning and got 6 months at her majestys pleasure for it and i got pulled in and was detained until he was arrested for it so i could not have a word with him about it lol 


Crikey, the detained you while the tugged him in?


Suppose they were saving themselves the murder investigation? :p

It's not hard really is it? If your gonna drive don't have a beer simple. If you get caught the proverbial book should be thrown at you trouble is too many get away with it.

I've reported my neighbour but he's never been pulled and just gets away with it one day he'll kill someone and might think twice but some poor family will have to cope with it better not be mine that's all I can say.

I think most decent people will agree with all your comments. I simply will not tolerate drink drivers. None of my friends will drink and drive. This year after spending most of Christmas Day with my parents I am driving the 215 miles up to Shropshire and will just have to drink coke or something as I will not touch a drop. I will make up for it once I get up to Shropshire however.


There was this story on Facebook a while back:


I have been drinking most weekends and driving home for the last 20 years. I have been so close to getting pulled by the police so many times I cant begin to count. Each time I'm scared senseless. If I lose my license, I will lose my job, I will lose my house and I would lose my wife and the family.


So last weekend I decided things have got to change, I cant go through this every week, running the gauntlet with the local constabulary. I made a decision, I will get the bus home this time. So for the first time since I was a kid I got a bus, and to my surprise it was clean, warm and comfortable and I got home with no issues, no problems avoiding the police and I was in one piece.


Amazing considering I've never driven a bus before.


I know it's a very serious subject but someone on Facebook posted this tonight. Not seen it in years  :)


I think its a lack of awareness as well as respect


Im sure one of you coppers can quote figures about it, but my dad (retired traffic, now does the 'get out of jail free' courses) was saying that about half of all drink drivers are caught the next morning!

so of those, how many will have actually thought that they were ok?


people don't realise the time which it takes to leave the system.


as for shopping - I'd happily ring in if I saw someone out on the road. I don't know if I could shop a friend, but I don't think I'd need to because I wouldn't let them get in the car in the first place

This is of course a rough guide... But gives you some idea!

I wonder if anyone would be sad enough to shop themselves for a grand :p


Not necessarily on this forum :p but there are stupid people out there who probably think they would get paid.


I mean, when you get people this stupid...


It would not surprise me at all if they thought they could get paid for drink driving :p

What a Nub.

Sadly, they walk amongst us!

Or crawl in some cases.

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