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Full Version: Melted dashboard panel!
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We have just discovered that the innocent air freshner !that normally hangs up on the interior mirror) which was lying on the centre panel on the top of the dashboard (Where the digital display is) has actually, somehow melted the plastic underneath probably in the sunshine over a few days!

Obviously this is very dissapointing as it spoils the interior. I'm hoping that the panel can be replaced easily.
Oh dear, it normally says on the packaging not to let them touch plastics.
[quote name='SierraYankee99' post='20998' date='Apr 20 2009, 07:43 AM']Oh dear, it normally says on the packaging not to let them touch plastics.[/quote]

Thanks for the reply.
I was a real shock to discover the damage underneath, the air freshner was unmarked!
I'm just hoping we can disguise it or replace the panel, but I bet that's NOT a simple job :(
Not good. Get some pics up.
Just rang Ford and they estimated 39.14 for the panel and 43.13 to fit it (both including 15% VAT)

A total of 82.27

Here is the picture of the damage, you can see the air freshner was in a leaf shape.
Hope the photo is clear enough.

Have a look at the dash and see how it goes together, could be quite easy (if time consuming) to fit it yourself and save 40 odd quid. You can buy a hell of a lot of food, fags, booze or electricity etc etc for that kind of money!
You could of course by a piece of that non slip rubber type mesh, cut it to size and place it on the panel. Would save a lot of money and no one would be any the wiser.

1 in poundstretcher and it's called grippa !
couldnt you mask it up and spray it with a mached paint for pastic
just a thought :(
[quote name='dezwez' post='23558' date='May 9 2009, 06:56 PM']couldnt you mask it up and spray it with a mached paint for pastic
just a thought :([/quote]

[color="#0000FF"]Thanks for the comments people.

It's black plastic covered with a rubber or vinyl surface so spraying it wouldn't help as you would still see the leaf shaped damage.
I considered covering it up as suggested but my better half wants it perfect again and is going to get it replaced while it is in for it's 12,500 mile service[/color]

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