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Full Version: Whats Your Plan For The New Year ;)
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Ford Loyalty MK3

Anybody got any projects or jobs on there cars over the new year. B)


I'll be taking my Mondeo to Ford this week, I've got to find out what this fault is, the more i guess the more money I'm losing, Hopefully ford will give me the answer I'm looking. :D


I've got a lot of Pride for Ford, but not there prices on parts and labour. :wacko:  


I will be waiting to win the lottery before doing too much more! lol


My plans are to fit my not yet installed but been sat in the boot for ages on end - Door Sill Protectors.


I also hope to get my Cruise Control activated and make my own buttons and get it all working...

Ford Loyalty MK3

Sounds like a plan, so what do you think of your chances of winning the lotto this year?


Are you making your own custom switches, what are you planning to use? It would make a intresting write up :)


I've got to find out what this fault is, the more i guess the more money I'm losing, Hopefully ford will give me the answer I'm looking.
So... instead of you guessing and it costing you money, you figured you'd take it to Ford, let them do the guessing AND bill you for it?  Seriously - they will.  Just because they're a major car manufacturer, it doesn't mean that their employees know what they're doing.
Ford Loyalty MK3

Thats true, but so far the garages I've taken it pretty much don't know  what there doing either, plus Ford have better equipment for fault reading. I hope

I've got a 'To Do' list as long as my arm with jobs I want done on my Mk7 Fiesta Sports van...

1. Fit some sort of USB connectivity for iPod.
2. Needs better lighting in load bay. One matchbox-sized light stuffed in the corner doesn't cut it.
3. Refurbish dinged alloys (not me!!) + rusted brake calipers
4. Cover lower half of the plasticky bulkhead with black material to match interior.
5. Tint the rear window
6. Touch up the paintwork
7. Buy spare wheel kit!!
8. Figure out a way to remove mahoosive blind spot... (One way glass instead of rear panels? Install tiny camera kit?)
9. Buy new locking wheel nuts (mine are rusted!!) Tiny job, I know, but I like things to look neat, even on a 'workhorse' vehicle.
10. And call me a magpie (I like shiny things!!) but I'd really like to get the Ford illuminated gear stick knob fitted!!!
11. ...and... ...and... metal sports pedal cappings!!!
12. ...and... ...and... Go Faster stripes!!!
13. ...and... ...and... ...OK, I'd better stop here...


for me, I think winning the lottery will probably happen on the same day I get run over by a truck after being bitten by a shark...


As fior the mod, yeah, I plan on wiring up the switches and putting it into my stereo control.


Its a shame though, I bought some mondeo cruise switches, and only after did I get advised that they are the wrong resistance (d'oh)


For an £8 gamble it wasnt too bad though!

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