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Full Version: Hello All...potential Fiesta Zetec S Owner!
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hi there


looking for a warm hatch so the fiesta zetec s is at the top of my list (will also test drive suzuki swift sport for comparison as it gets such consistently great reviews, slightly faster, similar power and torque, but the main downer for it is the road tax and fuel economy)


actually saw the deep impact blue colour I was considering for the first time earlier in the week on a focus - wow, looks terrific - pics on fords website in no way do it justice at all!


hoping to get test drives down in the next few weeks.  probably will go out in the ST as well while I'm there but I do low mileage, nearly all round town, and although I'm sure it's amazing the power wouldn't get used and coupled with the extra cost and running cost I feel the Zetec S is the smart choice :)



look forward to browsing the forums and chatting more to you all :)


Hi welcome to the forum. I recently had a golf gti and changed to a fiesta metal which is a limited edition zetec s. I can honestly say out of the gti a focus titanium mk2 facelift a mk6 fiesta and a fiat punto this is the best car I have had. The fuel is good and tax is cheaper for me 71 for 6 month vs 143. Being young the insurance is cheaper as well. I personally think this car handles so much better than anything I have driven. Also the added boost of the heated windscreen means in winter days your windscreen clears itself. I hope I have persuaded you towards the fiesta but remember this is my opinion. If I was you regardless what people say test both and go with what you feel best.

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I test drove the Suzuki Sport before buying the Fiesta Zetec S and I was a little disappointed with it to be honest. I found the Fiesta to be a much better car in all respects. I also considered the ST but decided against it for the same reasons as
you but I have to say I do occasionally regret not buying the ST after reading what the owners who bought one say about it
on this site!

Hi thanks for comments from both, especially Graham as it sounds like you approached it the same as me with regards to the short list and your needs from the car!


Could you tell me what were your disappointments with the Swift Sport?  My feeling is the power only coming at top of rev range might make it feel slower than it is? And I suppose the interior looks a little drab, although the list spec is high. But everyone raves about the handling and fun.


How do you think it compares handling and power wise with Fiesta ZS?


I think it still makes sense for me to test both, but would to good to hear your thoughts.

I am sorry but I may not be much help here with details but it was an overall impression I got of both
cars which led to my decision. I read as many reviews of the cars as I could, test drove both and did
not have to agonise over the choice, the Zetec S was (in my view) by far the better of the two cars. The Suzuki may be a little quicker but the performance of the Fiesta is more than adequate and its handling
is first-class. I also thought the Fiesta was the better looking of the two cars. I generally buy a new
car every two years and the Fiesta is the best I have bought so far. I suggest you test drive both but
would be quite surprised if you opted for the Suzuki!
Thanks Graham, I'll keep my future posts to the fiesta forum but appreciate your comments :)

Welcome! I was originally looking for a Zetec S my self, either petrol or diesel but ended up going for a ST! As i only do low mileage i thought why not as i wont be spending alot on fuel. And I can honestly say im over the moon with it :)  


Thanks kingy, all other things being equal yes of course the ST is the winner! But there's the initial extra cost of purchase (which in itself would pay for the whole running costs of a zs for a couple of years!), then anuually higher insurance, annual road tax and extra fuel cost!

Could I afford these extra costs, yes I could. But would they make sense for someone doing maybe 3 or 4k a year, 90% of which will be short urban journeys? For me, no.

The zetec s (or just possibly a swift sport depending on test drives) seems the best solution at the moment for cost effective fun without dropping down to a horribly gutless city car such as an up! or similar.




NB Have now opened a thread over in the Fiesta forum:

Yeah there all good points which would force you away from the ST! The tax alone probably is! But it's your decision so go for what you feel is the best I suppose when you've given them all a good test! :)

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Welome Kathy!
can't go wrong with the fiesta ;)

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