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Full Version: Cruise Control Fuse keeps blowing
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Rob Clark
OK, for some time my cruise control and Air conditioning has not been working on my 2002 Ghia X. I didn't have the funds to pay to have it fixed, or the time to look into it myself. With regards to the cruise control, it was a case of the fuse blowing and would do if I put a new one in. However,yesterday I decided to investigate the problem, and first came to post it on here. However, after subscribing, I found I was unable to post until my account has been "verified" - not quite sure what this process entails - but it said it could take 24hrs. So without 24hrs to spare, I had to investigate the isssue myself. After a short while, I found the cause and solved it, so have decided to post it here, should anyone else have the same problem.

Now, first things first, the fuse for the cruise control is behind the glove box and on the side of the glove box where it says what everything is, it says that the cruise control fuse is number F82, although it does not say that this fuse is for anything else.
There was one thing that I found occured when replacing the fuse and starting the engine - this was in the form of smoke coming from under the bonnet. I opened the bonnet and found that the smoke was coming from under the bonnet insulation cover.

I removed the insulation cover and found that one of the windscreen washer heaters had caught fire and melted.

so, i found this useful link [url=""][/url] and discovered that this fuse is also responsible for the winscreen washer heater and air con.

So, i disconnected the winscreen washer heater, replaced the fuse and bingo, works fine. Also air con works as well although it needs regassing.

Hope this helps someone with a similar problem.
[quote name='Rob Clark' date='24 May 2009 - 04:16 PM' timestamp='1243181189' post='25338']

so, i found this useful link [url=""][/url] and discovered that this fuse is also responsible for the winscreen washer heater and air con.


Thankyou for the usfull post. I have the same problem ! But the link dont work, Will have to investigate !! THANK YOU !!
Barry R
I had the same problem, i.e. no cruise control and no aircon. Didn't realise the two were related so I got the air con regassed, which didn't help and was quoted £690 by ATS, who did the regassing, for a new air con compressor!
Anyway following your advice I took a look under the insulation on the underside of the bonnet and found the windscreen washer wiring plug full of water. I disconnected it, replaced the fuse and sure enough the air con and cruise control now work! So instead of costing £690 for a new compressor it cost me 45p for a new fuse!
Thanks for your help!!


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