Hello, i am new to this site, and i am after some infor for a friends Galaxy on a s reg 1997 my, 2.3 L .

The fault: The will not start from position 3 on the ignition switch.

This fault happened, by my friend, earthing out the rear lights, and blowning alot of fuses, also the car battery went flat with the key at position 2 on the swicth. Then the car would not start.

I have replaced all the blown fuses, and recharged the battery, and the car will still not start from the key. Have checked all the fuses in the central fuse box specaily the engine immobilisation and engine management, all good. I have now removed the fuse box, to check the relays behind in level two, found relay 14, engine immobilisation system. No ignition live or battery live! I can hot wire the car the car from here and get the car to run! Does anybody know of any common faults, or other fuses? Does anybody know were the immobilisation ecu is? and how the the unit operate? Any ideas would be grateful or infor on the system?