Hey there guys, new to the forum so im looking for some super advice. At the moment i've got a ford fiesta mk4 LX. i've been using an electronic speedometer since ive got this car due to the fact that my speedometer is ridiculous. basically when im driving the speedo is jumping allover the place. averagely it usually bounces around 10mph over what im doing (i know that they have to tell you different than what a sat nav does but not this much) until i get on the motorway anything above 50mph it goes psychopathic its getting to the point now that its annoying me having to have wires into a lighter adapter so i can have an electro speedometer i would just like to be able to look down at my speedometer and know what speed im doing! any help woould be greatley appreciated!!! if you do have any answers can you tell me the way to go about em to! please experts HELP ME!!!!!!!! :( :( :(