hi everyone. my car (1999 mk4 fiesta) was fitted with the digital clocks that appear on the mk5 fiestas. this unit did not have a rev counter therefore i purchased a set of white digital clocks that did.
all went well whilst fitting them but when i gave it a test, the rev counter did not work. (this is the only reason i swapped the clocks in the first place!!)
anyway i know there is power going to the unit because;
1) the clocks work perfectly except for the tachometer
2) when i initially fitted the clocks and powered them up they performed a self test. this showed that the rev counter was functioning as it rose to 8000 rpm then dropped back down.
i can't understand why the rev counter isn't working in my car.
any help would be greatly appreciated.
the old clocks and some other (analogue) white clocks with rev counter are for sale.
pm me if you're interested.
thanks, Tom