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Full Version: 2005 Mondeo tdci juddering problem.
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Just thought i would give you guys a try as im having a problem with my 2005 mondeo tdci 130 ghia x,The problem im having is when i get into 4th gear and hit about 45/50 mph the car starts to judder when i bring the speed down it goes away.Any ideas i have checked on the internet for any common problems and the only thing i can seem to find is to check hoses for any leaks. Any help would be great cheers ;)
does it only do this in fourth gear, or at around 1800-2000 rev in any gear. the most common cause of juddering is a split intercooler pipe which is the big pipe from the egr valve, also a sticking or cloged egr valve can cause the same symptons. do a search fro tdci egr valve clean for more info.
Thanks for the reply it only does it when i hit about 45-50 mph when im in 4th if i accelerate to say 60-70 it goes away come back down and its there again it lasts up to say 20 seconds. I have noticed i am getting black smoke aswell when i accelerate hard ,took it for a good blast down motorway and up a big hill in 2nd gear loads came away but its still smoking. My milage is 67k always serviced it but to be fair the car is used a lot for short distances so im assuming theres going to be a build up of soot somewhere.I have located egr at the front left of the engine cant see any splits in the large pipe although its hard to get a good look.How easy is it to take egr valve off and give it a good clean? theres only one electrical connector and a few bolts dubilee clip,if i disconnect the electrical connector will it show up light on dash as fault code?(read this somewhere) whats the best way to clean it ,carb cleaner ,soap and water? Thanks for the help
the best way to check the pipe is to remove it and inspect for any small leaks, as for the egr valve easier to add a link. [url=""][/url]
Hi Guys

Looks like some good info on here! B)

I've just bought the same car and have the same problem. Driving at 60-70 MPH, take foot off gas, put foot back on and get a slight judder/hesitation before speeding up. Did it on way back from purchase but did not do it last night on motor way so is intermittent. Only 1 month warranty, so any ideas what this is would be appreciated.

it could be several things like a sticking or clogged uo egr valve, a sensor playing up or an injector problem, you would be best to notify the garage before your warrenty runs out and get them to investigate.
Hi all,

I've got an Smax 1.8 and have the same issue with a judder.
It happens at just below 1800 revs in any gear, but is most noticeable in low gears.

@Demon125: Did your dealer get to the bottom of the fault?

My dealership don't have a clue since EGR valves cleaned, and can't even recreate it without me there!?

Would appreciate any info anyone has on this.


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