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Full Version: Gasket Cover Advice
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I'm planning to replace the gasket cover because this one leaks. Wondering if doing it outside it's ok, I'm thinking to wind + dust... I'm not leaving in desert but still,

I don't have an inside place.


I've been quoted by ford for £70 which seams to me huge and local garage I don't trust, they all hurry and I want to do it right. 


I also heard that replacing this does not fix it, or it fixes it for a period. Any advice here ? The cam cover should be cleaned in any way, using a degreaser or something ?


Thanks alot for any advice.


wait till you have a sunny day no wind and clean it well.
I used some instant gasket sealer on mine I got new rubber gasket form local auto parts shop
sealed it well :)

Clean the cover with some degreaser before you remove it, wipe away any loose deposits etc. remove the cover and gasket - check the cover is not warped.

Clean it up with a little degreaser and make sure the mating face on the cylinder head is clean.

Fit your new gasket - shouldn't be any need for instan gasket. Tighten the bolts up in the correct order to specified torque.
Well i dont have a torque wrench and it seams expensive and l'm going to borrow one from somewhere if i can find otherwise I'll use a normal one.

I found the values it's 10Nm for cover bolts and 25Nm and 75' angle. Can someone confirm this values. Also I cant find the right order. Middle ones first and then the other ones ?

Thanks for the help.



Here's the order if anyone needs it.


I successfully replaced the gasket today. Everything seams fine now.

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