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Full Version: Stalling Escort
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Hi, can anyone help with a problem my mate is having with his " V " reg Ford Escort 1.6

The problem is that the engine will stall every time he slows down for a junction etc. This has become progressively worse over the last month or so.

I went through the dashboard diagnostic check and under dtc was the number 5967 but all the fault codes in my haynes manual are 3 digit codes.

I suggested likely culprits may be the EGR valve or the idle control valve.

Can anyone suggest a way to narrow down the cause or what 5967 means.

Thanks, John
i think it may b either one of your air pipes has been torn or worn a way so mucks up the mixture,
one of the injectors might be blockt ,timing might b out or the idle jet ill look it up and ill let ya no try these theorys neva no 9 time out of ten it simples lol
if it has a ignition module it could be that if it happens when warm and gets worse but ok when cold
From what i can find the code is related to an idle mixture fault code.

My guess is that ICV (idle control valve) is playing up, most probably needs cleaning. I know mine needs doing on my 1.8 zetec and it wants to stall everytime i slow down to a halt or it revs from 400-1500 rpm and back down and up again and down and up and down etc etc.

I'd advise taking it off and giving it a good clean, replacing and see if this cures the problem.


Hi, thanks for those replies, I`ll pass the info on and let you know how it went, thanks, John
[quote name='jocojohn' post='27097' date='Jun 6 2009, 03:09 PM']Hi, thanks for those replies, I`ll pass the info on and let you know how it went, thanks, John[/quote]
Hi everyone i have the very same problem with my 1.6 zetec its irritating! again it cuts out coming to junctions and runs really ropey until it warms up then its fine. The previous owner replaced the idle control valve not long ago so i replaced the oxygen sensor but made no difference and then i thought to replace the air flow metre bought it off ebay new put it on and the car ran worse loss of power not responsive and felt like it was running on 3 cylinders so put the old one back on!. I'm going give it a full service tomorrow so i'l try and clean the idle valve and check for split hoses.

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