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Full Version: 3 Button Key Fob
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Has anybody done a basic changover from a worn tatty 3 button keyfob to a new 3 button keyfob, my battery is on its way out and was about to order one off amazon £3, but then I seen I can get a new blank keyfob with a 2 pack of batteries for only £10. So I thought I might aswell just swap over my electronics and transponder and get the key blade cut at a locksmith. Is changing over the electronics easy enough?? Im guessing surely I haven't got to program it as its just my existing transponder just in a new case.


very easy, strip the key down, pull the PCB out and move it to the new key. Move the chip as well.


Then get the key cut for about 15 quid at an indie and your good to go!

The board is heat welded on pins attaching it to the case.
A bit of of gentle persuasion is required.
If your key blade (aka horseshoe) is in good condition then simply swap over to the new fob case.
Slide the transponder chip out carefully with a screwdriver, it is delicate glass but is covered with a rubber sleeve.
To be honest if your only problem is the central locking buttons being worn then just change that side of the case (the transponder is in the battery side of the case).
Just changing the worn button side is quicker and easier.

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I have just changed the battery. But now the fob doesn't want to work. I tried a few different sequences, I can get the chime to sound - indicating it is in learn mode, but then nothing happens when pressing/holding the key fob button/s.

Fob working before?
Buttons broken?
Battery in correctly?

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Yes fob was working fine, gradually got worse as in had to press numerous times or get nearer to car, so put that down to the battery. Buttons dont seem broken, yes battery in exactly the same way original was.

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It has been known for the contact springs for the battery to not sit properly.
I had this on the key to my old MK1 Focus and it was annoying and frustrating until I eventually noticed.
It's easy to miss.

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ill check that, the circuit board (RCD is it called?) has one of the contact buttons loose, it was like that when I first changed the battery but don't know if that plays a part, it is sat in the correct position to engage when you press the button.




perseverance paid off, it seems to be a combination of things wrong for anybody who may need to know this.

1) one of the small buttons on the board that is normally engaged when you press the lock button on the fob - had come away from the board and I had placed it back on upside down

2) (as stoney said) the spring/prong that the battery sits on had become slightly bent out of position - probably due to me not being delicate enough, anyway bent it back into place and all is good in the hood


thanks for all the tips brothers

Happy days.
Those pesky springs strike again :d
Glad you're all sorted.

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