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Full Version: Help!!! Mk1.5 1.6 Engine Stall At Return To Idle
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I have a problem with my 1.6L Mk1.5 Focus, in which the engine will sometimes stall when the car returns to idle, other times it will briefly idle at around 500rpm and then return. This problem is worse when the engine is warm.


Let me run you through the events in case they are related:


- Two days ago on the way to work, one of the cylinders stopped firing, causing the car to drop idle speed and shake violently.


 - Yesterday, I bought a new air filter, new NGK TR5A-10 spark plugs, HT leads and Coil Pack which fixed that problem. At this point the car was running much better, but I noticed that the Breather vacuum piping behind the inlet manifold was split and had collapsed in on itself, so I ordered one of these. 


- Today, I received said Breather hose and fitted, no hissing or any suction outside of the pipe that I was able to hear/feel. However now the engine is idling wrong like I mentioned before. So I went to a scrap yard and bought a new Idle Air Control Valve (as most forums I had looked at deemed this the problem) this one on the inside had a minuscule amount of carbon built up and the valve worked easy and sprung back nicely. Still does not work!


I am in the process now of cleaning the old one with some Air system and Carburettor Cleaner and seeing if that will make any difference and will fit tomorrow...



Has anyone else had this problem, and if so did you manage to fix it, and if yes then how so... Seems like when one job is finished there is always another one to do!




Needs a new idle control valve or an ecu upgrade
I am going to try and disconnect the battery for half hour, see if it can "reset" the ECU... If not new ICU!

it may need to reset itself . if its been running with a split breather it may have adapted to those conditions . may need to reset it and take it for a run 


Yeah that had fixed it... I still think it is now re-adapting now so will see how it is in a week or so!


Carburettors are so much easier to work on! 

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