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Full Version: Loss Of Warning Lights
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Hi, i was just driving home tonight when suddenly there was a shudder and the car started to lose power warning lights of any sort....she really struggled to make it uphill, barely feathering the accelerator.if I held it down the car started to stall and finally limped home. Coil pack was replaced not long ago and the fuel pump was replaced last year..running fine in idle with maybe a transformer like hum to be heard when sitting in the cabin. This is one of my two Focus models..the 1.6 LX. Any ideas would be appreciated as I'm sort of remote and dont want to risk the cat or anything else driving her through the hills to the mechanic (not that she'd make it I fear)..


Mechanic took a look this morning...attached her to computer and nada..then he took her for a spin, she ran like a dream...thinks it could be dodgy petrol or maybe me being to mean to fill her up enough...lovely ;/



When was it last serviced? I wonder if its just a bad filter?


I have just had this problem with mine and fixed it! Put it in 4th doing 40mph and put you're foot down... does it lurch then?


I found my leads and coil pack were the 12 year old originals and had gone wrong! But as you have replaced your coil pack it could be a lead...


Also, look behind the inlet manifold, there should be a T-shaped rubber hose, has it flattened at all, and when you turn the engine off is there a hissing noise for a second or so?


 Thanks lads, the car had its last service in february..just prior to its NCT (MOT) ,,I took a look and the hose seems fine. There was some work done on the exhaust manifold recently..a new flexi pipe was fitted..maybe a bit of eroded material was blocking the exhaust? Drove 70 miles today and not a hint of whatever it was. Drove without radio just listening!


hopefully it was something daft, just check that the new hose is good and secured and see where it goes from there?

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