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Full Version: Mk3 Focus Ecoboost Titanium Or Ecoboost Zetec S (T 125)
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Just trying to gauge the differences between an EcoBoost Titanium and a EcoBoost Zetec S.

I'm looking to purchase a mk3 focus (ecoboost) and just trying to see which one i should go for.


Now, i don't know much about these but have test drove an ecoboost titanium and love it!....for 1.0l it really does compare my previous small car (MINI)...

I'm looking into the differences between the 2 types mentioned and have to find that the differences are, for around the same budget, one is an EcoBoost with a higher spec (Sony system, etc.) and the other has a standard system but has all the stylings of an ST.....


is this correct? I'm trying to find something in between....(compromise, that can be justified)


The reason for the purchase is because i have a baby on the way and need a decent car.


Must haves:

Parking sensors

electric windows

at least 17" alloys  ;)
 the standard system any good? 

Luke23 tdci
The titanium will have more extras than a zetec. Titanium u will get sony radio parking sensors and maybe even auto park.
Zetec s will look a little sporty on outside but inside will be a little less equipt spec wise. Might not have electric windows all round.

I'm no expert on the MkIII, but you are correct,

Titanium's are loaded with interior tech, the Zetec S has an ST (ish) exterior.


Everybody want's the body kit and the toys,

so unless you find a Zetec S that someone has pre loaded with tech, or spec your own from new,

then it will just come down to your own personal taste.


I've got the Mk2.5, and I wanted the body kit  :D

Apart from the metal pedals it is completely stock inside, but I get a warm feeling knowing it looks better on the outside,

I've put an second hand Sony Radio in from eBay to slightly improve the audio and looks inside.


hmm...had a look at the facelift version..(must say i do like the aston-ish grille),...but dont think i can stretch the budget.

saying that...would it be a better idea to wait till the facelift model comes out before purchasing a mk3 (as in, the mk3 prices should go down)...right?


i suppose the zetec s : titanium its a comprimise, but as long as the spec on the zetec s isnt 'terrible' i wouldnt mind. I've seen some low specced cars in the past that really do comprimise in not only tech and appearance, but also the suspension, drivability.




I've put an second hand Sony Radio in from eBay to slightly improve the audio and looks inside.


is the stock system any good? (sound quality 'tinny',etc)...does the stock allow to play via usb/bluetooth??


If you are only interested in the Mk3, I've never been in one to know how good the audio is,

from a Mk2.5 I was fine with the standard audio as I don't play it that loud,

I only upgraded for MP3 compatibility and the looks, the Sony audio does 'feel' better though.


The Mk2 Radio systems are very dated now, any Bluetooth or USB has to be retro fitted with modules.

I'm not familiar with Mk3 stock or Sony radios, I'm guessing more features as standard these days.

I think Titanium's come with more Premium speakers aswell, Zetec S will be a stock system with less speakers.


I would assume the Mk3 Zetec S has a more sportier suspension,

So if family comfort and tech are a factor, then a stock Zetec S with stiffer suspension probably isn't for you,

but down the road you could add the grill, skirts and spoiler later to a Titanium.

Have a test drive on the Zetec and as you have driven the Titanium and see for yourself the differences. When I was deciding on my purchase(Mk3 Titanium) I picked up a copy of the Focus booklet from my dealer which lists all the differences. My original choice was the Zetec but once I had seen the extras on the Titanium I knew what I wanted. I ended up with 4 month old car with more goodies than the standard, such as 18 inch alloys, Sat Nav, parking sensors etc. The fuel economy on my 125 ecoboost is poor in comparison to other entries on the forum but still love the drive and features of it.
I bought a brand-new zetec s about a month ago the spec is very good inside I personally think that there is not a huge difference in interior spec on the Zetec S and the titanium. you get the sync system for your phone hands free. USB & aux for mp3 phone ect ect the sound out if the DAB radio is very good. All I added to mine was privacy glass and the city pack which gave me leci windows all round leci folding mirrors and rear parking sensors. My previous car was a 57 plate titanium which I owned for 4 years and I must say I much prefer the zetec s the road holding is far superior because of the sports suspension as the titanium is softer ride although it does hold the road well but has some body roll the zetec S Is more assured and great fun to drive and has plenty of gadgets inside to keep the family (teenage boys ) happy with all their gadjets to plug in. Have a look at FORDRETAILONLINE that's where I bought mine from and picked it up from my local ford dealership and saved a few thousand pounds

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Also picked up my ZetecS Ecoboost about 3months ago cos we have a toddler and needed something sensible. Now point shelling out for a brand new car and having it look like a sales rep car. The ZetecS is just that tad bit more special with the styling compared to the other focuses I see in my area(Essex). On test drive the ZetecS handling is so much better with its suspension. The stereo is not as loud as the Sony system but it does the job alright. Extras we got are city pack for rear electric windows, tints and 18" alloys. Even a neighbour with a titanium is wishing he got the ZetecS too.

I must admit the Zetec S does seem to have more of a 'fun' factor to it....

..but...after a long-winded visit to the dealership today i decided on a Titanium X..

I just couldn't say no, i got a reeeeeally good deal on it, not only is it fully specced (upgraded alloys, heated seats,etc), but 6 months newer and only a couple hundred quid

I based the decision on my optimistic outlook that maybe within the next few years I'd have a larger family and was looking at the re-sell value.

...all is not lost,...I'm trying to convince my younger cousin to purchase the Zetec S i had my eye on  :P

They are very nice car the wife's cousin has one in candy red what colour is yours?

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They are very nice car the wife's cousin has one in candy red what colour is yours?

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.....tbh i really wanted frozen white, but i guess my reluctance to get it in black helped drive the price down  ;)

Now that you've bought the Titanium, you could purchase the body kit separately and fit it yourself! I put the ZS body kit on my Zetec, all the genuine ford parts came off eBay and most were already black. In all, a couple hundred quid and £18 admin fee on my insurance to declare it... well worth it!

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Very nice. On the upside the black will look clean for longer! You would have been for ever cleaning the frozen white and as Jimenez said you could always put a body kit on it

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