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Full Version: Obd2 Reader No Longer Working?
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I just wondered if the OBD port is powered by a fuse?
My OBD2 reader which has always worked will no longer connect to the port.
There are 3 lights which usually come on once it is attached, specifically the green one which tells you there is power there but it no longer illuminates.
I bought another identical reader with them being so cheap but it gives the same result, no power to reader?

Is there a fuse and if so, where would it be located?

Thanks guys.


F107 in the passenger fusebox appears to feed the diagnostic socket but also feeds the instrument cluster so if that all works the fuse may be ok.

Hmmmm. If that's the case then why does my OBD reader not get power from the port?
My mate at Halfrauds plugged his Snap-on reader in and it worked fine.
Is that because the professional readers have their own power source?

Try reset the car by disconnecting the battery and swapping the fuse for safety purposes, but yes the diagnostics machines most often have the ability to chuck a few volts in there to bypass this.

Have never looked at the passenger fusebox jeebo. Are there usually spares in there or am I gonna have to buy a set?

no spares matey, but I think they are mini fuses, I have loads available for sale if you want some on the cheap.

Yeah sure. Throw a batch of different sizes together and give me a price mate...... :-)
Have a look on my signature mate, just let me know what you want

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Yes James is correct they are the Mini fuses as I has found out when replacing the 12v socket one. I had spent years collecting the old type fuses from the old fords thinking "If I Ever Need A Fuse......." and of course when I need one they are different lol! always the way but now Im stocked up on the Mini type ones.


I had this exact issue yesterday. Bluetooth adapter in, phone no longer connects...


So I started troubleshooting, rebooted the phones bluetooth stack, nothing, tried another app, wouldnt connect. connected my nexus 7 up and it worked, so it looks like my phone is misbehaving. I am just in the process of backing it up and then wiping it and seeing if a new load with Torque will allow it to play ball!

James do you use the bluetooth adopter and the app? Are they any good and do you have a link to the adopter as I read old fake ones going about.
I may purchase one just to have to work with my nexus 7.
I bought a cheap unit I'm fairly sure it would be a clone at less than a fiver lol but it does a great job. I reset my phone to factory and it started working lol gone back and want to see if it works ok lol

The one I bought years ago is no longer an active seller but I can try find one that looks the same

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that would be great James. At that price it would be worth adding to the toolbox lol!  :)

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