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Full Version: Weird Braking Feeling
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Hi all, had the pads & discs changed a few months ago & no problems since (until) a few days ago I drove the car & the ABS light didn't go off for the whole journey.  The brakes worked as normal & on the journey back after the car had been sat for a while no lit up ABS light.


Since then (even the wife has noticed it) it's not every time, maybe one in 30 when the brake pedal is pressed (the 1st inch or so of travel) you get a sensation through the pedal like the ABS is kicking in it then clears & brakes as normal.


I'm off work Wednesday so can take it to a trusted local garage but wondered if you guys had come across anything similar & any sensible starting points.  Oh & both the dashboard trick & my ODB reader don't show any stored codes).


The ABS light hasn't been on since but the weird behaviour remains.  (could it possibly be a loose/dirty/knackered ABS/brake sensor) all suggestions welcome!  :D


It may be but it could be maybe air in the system or maybe the pads or shoes are seated correctly or maybe even a problem around the pedal area itself. Do you fell the ABS self brake test around 12mph when taking of? It feels like a clunk. If so I would say it could be something basic so Maybe best to check all is correctly seated and no loose sensors or wiring first before looking at more difficult areas.


Good luck.


check the abs sensor is plugged in, and the pads/disks are inserted correctly. also get the garage to re-bleed the system


I just thought I'd update as there is nothing worse than someone asking for advice on a problem & not updating once sorted.  It turns out the front left ABS was sending no data back at all so all sorted for £30!  :D  I guess me accidentally smashing the front left up & over a kerb might have had something to do with the sensor failing, lol.  Oh well all's well that ends well.


My sensor failed when i lowered my car, well it was the wire actually. must have got caught while dropping the leg, lucky abs sensors and the wiring is an easy fix.


glad you got it sorted, a warning light on the dash is the most annoying thing!

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