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OK quick question or two........


Is the air con suppose to kick in once i turn the fan controller on...... as soon as i turn the controller the light on the button comes on and the air con pump kicks in.

The reason i ask is my mate who has the same car does not do it......?


And also the PCL is on....... code read it p2585 ....... was told something to do with the BCM ...... and this could be why the air is like it is.


Any thoughts before i start hitting it with a big hammer.... :whistling:


If you have the dial that controls where it comes out of,set to the window vents.everytime you turn the fan on the AC automatically comes on.


set it to your feet or something and the AC wont come on automatically 


if your dial is set to windscreen and you turn the fan on this triggers automatically the air con


the error code appears to relate to needing a DPF EOLYS fluid topup which is unrelated.


cheers jeebowhite....... when i had the remap the  fluid was topped up and the bloke reset all the ..etc ...... till yesterday and all was fine, till the PCL came on but no EML ......  i've just been to pick wife up,and the EML has came on...code P2584 ..... fluid additive request MIL to light up... ......  but like i've said fluid is topped up and the eloy's counter was reset so i'm at a loss...


depends who did the reset and how, if it was just with the fuel filler cap technique this doesnt always work, if it was done with IDS then it should have done, or it wasnt completed properly.


it was reset with a snap-on solus pro unit ........ went to my mates who has the same unit,again reset the lights,reset the counter,and i got 5 mile down the road and they came on...went back and he reckons there could be a problem with bcm goes brill just the dam lights doing my head in ..... i know the tank was filled because i was present when it was filled.


I think it needs to be done by IDS only...

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