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Full Version: Best To Get Things Done At Ford?
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I have 3 problems with my focus 1.8 tdci mark 2.5 clutch, fuel computer data error and others... Would you guys recomend going to ford or a cheaper garage? Is it worth sticking with ford?
Hi Josh

I recommend ford 100%. The way I work is I try to tackle as much of my own work as I can because u you know u have down a top job on your own car. If this is not possible I'd recommend ford unless its a garage that you can trust.

I just feel that nowadays small garages arnt up to scratch with the electronic and computer systems in cars as much as the manufacturer in this case ford. Plus they have the proper OEM equipment for any job on mine or your car so I guess that's why the price can be a bit higher on labour and the likes of that. End of day its up to you but that's my advice anyhow.
Hope it helps and good luck.
Thanks for the advice sonic I dont doubt that the ford guys are top mechanics just bit of a kick in the teeth got so many things wrong with my car need to replace clutch (and leak that is emptying my hydraulic clutch fluid) , something wrong with fuel reader sensor and some other problem that I don't know what it is but would cost a lot with ford.
If it is something routine and you have a garage you trust then it can be cheaper to go independent, but from experience anything even slightly away from the norm and you find that the independents take twice as long to do things as the dealer so their reduced labour cost is made irrelevant.

Although we have even started taking my mums 206 to our Ford dealer as they seem to be the only garage in the area we can really trust and my dad travels about 45-60 mins to get to a Peugeot garage that he trusts for his car.
I will have to bite the bullet lol

josh I hope you get all sorted out ok but you could maybe get some quotes from ford and see what they say and compare them to a local garage estimate and then maybe go from that.


Good luck.

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