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Full Version: 2002 Tddi Intermittent Starting Problem
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Regarding a 2002 Ford Focus TDDI LX 1753 cc

Sometimes this car won’t start from the ignition, when you turn the key all the lights on dash light but that is it, no engaging of the starter motor, not a click, nothing. It bump starts fine but it won’t jump start from another vehicle.

I took the car to Kwik Fit to do a test on the battery and to see if it was charging ok. They said the charging was ok but it showed that the battery was down a little and needed replacing, which I did, it’s now a brand new calcium battery (didn’t get it from Kwik Fit though).

Yet I can go for a run, park up come back later and the damn thing won’t start, not a click. Obviously it wasn't the battery. Now what is strange is I can leave the car for several hours or overnight and the damn thing will start with the key. It is as though something is getting warm and when it is and you turn the ignition off it won’t start again until a part as cooled down for hours or has stood overnight.

Anyone experienced this problem that can advise please?


(I feel like doing a Basil Fawlty and beating the damn car with a branch) :D


I had a slightly similar problem with my old 2002 focus estate. It was intermittent but a normal turn of the key did nothing, wouldn't start but was able to jump start it. I never solved the problem even after changing spark plugs and leads, I found turning and holding the key would start it, took a couple of seconds but did eventually start.

Owner of Ford Focus Titanium, 2010.

Previous owner of Ford Focus Zetec Estate, 2002.

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