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Full Version: Wipers Won't Switch Off
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I've got an 07 1.6tdci and my wipers will not switch off. I've changed the stalk and check the connections, they are all fine. Can anyone give advice before I go to an auto electrian?

try swapping the relays, I suspect the issue is a bad relay thats causing them to stay on permenantly.

I've tried swapping all the relays what I could find and I've unplugged all the cables from the internal box checked the connections on them. I read a different topic on here and they had to change the internal box, so that going to be my next plan of attack.

so all relays where swapped and it didnt resolve the issue?


In which case the GEM board is possibly still the cause. If you remove the wiper relay (cant recall but I think its the engine fusebox?) do the wipers stop altogether?

On the Focus MK2/MK2.5 a lot of electrical related functions (including the windscreen wipers) are controlled by the GEM module/fuse box. The GEM module/fuse box is basically a computerized module which controls a lot of electrical functions like comfort related functions, the lights, windscreen wipers, etc.

On the GEM module/fuse box there are very few relays that can be changed. Most relays are directly soldered onto the circuit board of the module and officially can not be changed.

Note that if you want to change the GEM module/fuse box you absolutely have to install one with the correct part number (same or higher). Not all GEM modules/fuse boxes do support all options. You may loose functions/options after installing the wrong type of GEM module/fuse box. Also note that a new (or used) GEM module/fuse box must be programmed to the car. All settings must match with the cars options otherwise it will not work correctly or will not work at all.

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