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Full Version: Spare Wiring?
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Hello all as I'm looking to put another 12v power supply into the boot using the power socket provided I was wondering what else is lurking about in the car that you could make a use of? Wiring for heated seats? Or under seat lighting Or lighting supply for a rear courtesy light? I would be very interested into see what people have found whilst tinkering with their cars. Of this helps my car was built in January 2011 and one of the last lot before the new shape came out.

Many thanks


I'm sure there's a how-to for doing that, somewhere on here?


Other than that I'd say you're best taking a feed from the front 12V sockets and running it under the carpets to the back of the car. Or you may be able to get an adaptor that piggybacks a feed off the 12V socket fuse in the passenger fusebox?


Any heated seats wiring will only have power when the car is running and heated seats switched on, and wiring into the courtesy lights could mean you're on a lower rated fuse than suitable for what you want to power up with the 12V socket.


From memory the courtesy light wiring is pretty thin gauge, considering how easy it is for some 12V adaptors to short themselves out across the power socket and blow the fuse that's another reason for avoiding using a lighting circuit, imho.

Yeah that's true I don't fancy setting my car on fire. I know that ford tend to put extra wiring in for extra that are not fitted and that need is to be activated by fitting whatever needs be ie the Ezra power supply in the boot. The plug is there I've checked just need the socket and a place to earth it and job done. That why I posted to see if there is anything else that can be done thanks to ford leaving empty plugs that could get used.

Is it definitely a spare power socket feed that's already spare in the boot?


It's just if it was then I'd expect the 2 cables to be there 12V and earth in the same connector so that if it's utilised on other cars the earth circuit is the right spec already and you just plug the socket in to the connector.


Well I was right about 1 thing and wrong about the other


Wire in an earth cable and you're sorted :)

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