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Full Version: Ford Focus Footwell Leak
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My Ford Focus (2002) has a small leak in the passenger foot-well


At the RHS of the foot-well, near the centre-line of the car,
there is what appears to be a rectangular black plastic port. I thought it was
an air vent. At first glance, the port seems to have an open aperture,  but inserting fingers inside the port reveals that it is blanked off inside. This port protrudes from the floor of the car
and is surrounded by carpet. Removing the top layer of carpet reveals the
underlay. The port has a rubber seal around it at the point it disappears into
the metalwork. Squeezing the seal , makes a small amount of water weep from it.
It’s not flooded, just about a teaspoon full.  Not sure how to resolve this.  :ermm:



A photo might help people recognise what it is?


picture would definately help.


I have now posted an image here:


The red dot shows where the drips "form".

I've got a feeling its the pollen filter scuttle plate. I have sealed up the passenger side with 

black gutter sealant where the plate meets the screen, bit it hasn't  cured it.


I'm not sure what component the "clip" is holding together (just above the red dot in the image), but its as if the drops are forming at this point.

I could be wrong, coz I can't get a better view to see exactly.




change the pollen filter they become porous after time cured mine!


Yep, already done this a few months ago, although i'm not entirely sure if this caused 

the problem in the first place. A replacement scuttle plate costs an absolute fortune, probably more 

than the car's worth! I'll just have keep adding some more sealant.


OK. I've ordered a new scuttle plate ( pollen filter cover ) in attempt to cure this problem. 

I understand there is a "revised" version, which I have ordered. 

I'm not too sure why the revised version is needed if its only the seal stops the water from getting in ?

What difference will it make? :cry:


My Focus is on an 02 plate and I think it would already have the revised version so perhaps it won't make any difference. If its never been changed since new, i'm sure the original one will have become degraded or warped.


OK. So its not been raining these past few days....


I've noticed that the leak seems to be more relevant when the aircon is switched on and running. 

I took the car to work with a/c running for about 45 minutes. I took the glovebox out and looked at a dark gray plastic moulded thingy

located underneath (and slightly further back) from the blower motor resistor pack housing. Part of the gray plastic thingy had a triangular shaped rim and was full of clear water ( not coolant !). A few drips dropped into it and as it overflowed, began to drop into the footwell soaking into a spongy "seal" surrounding a plastic pipe which went through the metalwork of the car to the engine bay ?

See the image above. I can only assume the a/c drain hose has become blocked and condensation if flowing back into system and ending up in the footwell. Any ideas how to clear the blockage ?

The pipe doesnt go to the engine bay for the drain pipe it goes into the floor and out the bottom so its not an aircon drain pipe youre looking at

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